Late rewards

Why am I getting all my rewards from the Titan, and Wars late. It took between 5-10 minutes for me to get my rewards from the War chest last night. And I’m waiting on Titan rewards now. Please help, and many Thanks

If you are in certain screens, like chat or quests, it won’t pop up. Otherwise, it’s often fairly quick but needs to wait for some server processing.

I’ve had times it’s taken a while, but it has not been frequent. We can see if others have different thoughts. I’m hoping it’s a rare occasion (we’ll see if other have experienced this) recently.

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Also worth noting that rewards will only appear when you return to the Base screen after server processing is complete.

So you can be raiding or map farming for 10-15-60 minutes and never get the rewards…


Thank You,
@littleKAF and @Guvnor, for your response. I noticed and understand a delay when I’m in other screens, but I’ve come out and still had a long enough delay that I wrote here. Thankfully they’ve always come eventually. I’ll monitor exact times if it continues. I appreciate your help and advice.


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