Late game is way too slow

I’ve been playing this game since one year and I’m very close to give up on the game completely. And reason behind it isn’t related to stuff I have on my account (5* heroes or ascension materials). I still have heroes to upgrade and materials to do so, but it just takes too much time. If you upgrading 5* hero with only one specific color it will take around 4 months to reach 80 lvl. And at some point getting fully upgraded 5* hero doesn’t bring a big difference in any parts of the game. It just helps a little bit with titans, raids, challenges, and so on. And it cost you 4 months of playing. Unless you upgrading heroes one by one then probabbly it would take 1 month instead, but it is less effective. So what I’m trying to say is that at some point the game becoming simply boring. Nothing really exciting is going on:

  • quests are too easy and rewards are poor in most cases
  • challenges are unfair, you cannot compete with people who are in game for much longer time or has spent a huge amount of money on it. My biggest achievement was top 50 on medium and it was half year ago, never repeated it
  • special events brings new mechanics, but happens very rarely and again - nothing special in rewards

Usually to keep exciment in the game the player must have the feeling that along with his progress comes better rewards and he is able to do same stuff faster. But in Empires what happens is:

  • You gain more food/stones than you can spend (there is no single thing you can spend food on without a need of sth else, like recruits, troops, heroes, materials. Same with stone after having all major building on lvl 20)
  • Farming is extremely boring, u may skip the battle only if you have specific resource (can it be available just by default?). Besides farming rate doesn’t speed up basically unless you counting few points of energy you can save during the night. So there is no available option to farm more troops and more heroes along with game progress
  • Same happens with gems, no options to farm them faster. Actually you farm them slower, because a lot of them comes from missions.
  • The only thing which seems rewardable are titans and ascension materials. But thats not enough

So to summarize above with one sentence - game progress is too slow which makes game boring at some point which eventually makes people quit. And I think you have noticed that as well, a huge drop of player database, especially those with 3500-4000 hero power. We have merged our alliance with some other 2 times already because of that.

I wont give any specific solution to this problem, but it has to be sth which:

  • allow players to farm effortlessly. Titans, wars, raids already taking a lot of time.
  • allow players to gain more heroes, troops, recruits, gems and it should scale with hero level
  • allow players to spend food and stone without a need of anything else
  • allow players to compete in challenges on more fair way. Maybe divide players based on their hero level and distribute rewards within those divisions? So you will compete with players with similar hero level to yours. Rewards should scale with divisions as well
  • maybe provide some other individual challenges which may meassure player progress and reward them accordingly if they finish them?

Other suggestions welcome.


I think double speed autoplay would help as long as the button is removed from quests, titans, and events which none should be able to be autoplayed anyways

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I want the missions to be feasable to get some gems.
As example Farming 800k food if you don’t have anything to spend it for makes this mission ridiculous.
Same as for new S2 missions. I don’t spend time for another useless Avatar picture. But the mission for special levels goes same direction as other normal missions.
Currently 200x under water level. Makes 200x7 world energy (cheapest)= 1400. Recharge every 10 min. 1400x10 min=14000 min/60=233,33 hours/24=9,722 days non stop playing same level. Expect next Mission with 250 times same Special Level…
Playing so often the same level is boring, timeconsuming and not feasable in due time beside X-Mas Special, Special Events and so on.


I fully agree with you. There are not many goals anymore, once you have reached a certain point

As for the quests, I have made a proposal to adjust them to the cup levels, so that stronger players (Gold, Platin, Diamond arena) get harder and more rewarding quests. Harder so that players actually have to play them and cannot run auto-fight even in the last stages. More rewarding so that they are useful even for advanced players. Diamond players do not need scavenging food or iron quests, but would be glad to get a higher amount of gems or have quests for atlantic coins.
Please vote and/or comment what you think about it: Adjust quest difficulty/rewards to cup levels

As for the monthy challenges, there also needs to be a change. The completion rewards are great, but the rewards for medium ranks are pretty meh, while only the huge spenders win awesome rewards. For most of us, it is just not worth to put in so much effort, resources and–at least for Legendary tier–money to be competitive.

However, I cannot really agree that the special events have “nothing special in rewards”. The Christmas challenge has quite some trainer heroes, red and blue 3* and 4* ascension items and several tokens. Also, it is quite challenging, even for advanced players to get through the last stages of the hard mode.

As for iron/food to spend, it is high time we got either new buildings in our base or higher levels of the existing buildings. First, the construction itself would again take a lot of iron. Second, the new stuff in the higher forge levels, the new training possbilities and also whatever completely new buildings might offer, would be chances to spend iron and food again.

As for the super-slow farming of gems, I fully agree. Again, my solution would be better quests for stronger players. Another possibility would be to include farmable gems and/or atlantis coins in the high levels of the hard Atlantis levels or to make special farming zones with very difficult to beat monsters where you have a chance to get gems/tokens. Haven’t seen any game other than this so far, where an absolute beginner stage (8/7) remains the best and most popular overall farming stage even for very advanced players.

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You are absolutely right. The missions are getting ridiculous. It would be better to have a more doable number of special levels / monsters / bossers, but more missions to do. And, of course, better rewards than just an avatar. Why not some atlantis coins and the avatar?

It is not just boring, it is also much less rewarding than farming 8/7. The only reason why I still try to kill 1200 foxes, 150 kirins and try to do 200 underwater levels is that there is still some hope that the next missions give a real reward (although, I also fear, it will be just even higher numbers of monsters/bosses/levels and the same rewards :roll_eyes:)


Exactly! Missions should be a way to get some gems (or Atlantis coins which have same function for summons) and not boring us to death by spawning even more unfeasable missions.
I remember a thread where somebody calculated how long it takes to get the gems for Food Mission. If I remember right it was about 1,5 years with fully leveled food mills. More than ridiculouse…just nonsense!


I fully agree here

Please devs, make missions an enjoyable and exciting part of the game by making them reasonably achievable, more diverse and more rewarding.

Personally I never check the mission list except when a badge tells me therés something for me to collect there, because I completed a mission unintentionally…

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