Late game builder (and iron) usage

VIP and iron in general becomes less useful once your town is completely upgraded. I don’t mind VIP for the gems and emblems, but it may not be enough for them cost as the second builder is there best part initially.

My proposal:
Let the stronghold have an “interior upgrade” option at level 25. You can have one or two running at the same time. They use a builder and take 3-7 days to complete. They use up to 2500k iron per “upgrade”. They don’t actually do anything to the stronghold, so can be done infinitely.

Each upgrade can produce a choice of:

  1. Epic troop token
  2. Epic hero token
  3. 100 ninja tower coins
  4. 5 costume keys
  5. 10 challenge coins
  6. 100 Atlantis coins
  7. 100 Legends coins
  8. 100 Valhalla coins
  9. Etc. as more portals are created

This keeps VIP useful and thus SGG gets $, gives FTP one builder to take part, and makes iron and builders useful for players that are done upgrading buildings. A win for everyone IMO

What about crafting titan battle items (e.g., time stops, tornadoes, etc) and emblems for your heros?

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You run out of emblems and ingredients eventually, iron is a constant stream. This would give a use for the builders and not have to find a use for iron by crafting items you may not need just because you have nothing better to do with them iron

Sorry, but if you can’t find anything “good” to do with “extra” iron, you’re not playing the game to its fullest.

I turn my extra iron into hurricanes and time stops to fight 14* titans, which in turn turns into 3* and 4* unfarmable mats for my heroes.

If I have any extra iron after that, I bank it/use it to train 3* troops in Hero Academy, because troops always need upgrading.

Hard to craft items when you run out of ingredients, iron is not the limiting resource for those items.

“Nice” bad attitude by the way


If you say so, man, but I find it hard to believe that you don’t have any mats to create axes, bomb attacks, arrow attacks, turtle/dragon banners, or train troops (which also helps you bank the excess iron you get from AR.


There is a time when all those crafting mats are depleted, especially for players who compete in the monthly challenge events either for the top spot or for tier with better rewards. While Atlantis Rising is a good event where we can recuperate spent mats, it is barely enough even if we augment it in the seasonal maps. Because we have finished maxing all structures and very few nuggets, dragon bones, wood, etc., we cant craft as many of the tornadoes, dragon attack, axes, etc. thus our iron are on a surplus.

I for one am depositing my iron in my HA6 so that when the time comes where new advanced building are eligible to be built, i have the resources needed to convert and level my buildings. Other than that, i am always crafting bomb attacks, dragon banners and arrows, etc. But the iron supply is still getting accumulated.

Seriously, you are running out of ingredients? I will not be running out of ingredients anytime soon, if ever, lol.

I really Love your nuggets

I have 0 nuggets, they get converted to tornadoes as soon as I get them

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