Last update and game freezes

Hello guys, l have 2 points to mention:

  • one is that l can not update on IOS for today update . Did someone has the same issue?!
  • and second, after update from today for Android version, in the normal quests the players go jerky and the game freezes for 1 second.

After the update, the game freezes very often. The phone hangs and reboots itself during the game after 30 seconds. android snapdragon 821, 6 gigabytes of RAM. Please optimize your game, otherwise will have to delete it.

Me too …at season 2- province 8- level 10 Hard… when I reach to the last stage …while I’m playing the game freez … cant move anything or even turn the automatic play on … it happens 3 times and loses the world energy flasks… I’m using Samsung galaxy S9+

Same issues for android here. Plus I keep getting the blades of my food mills on my mines.

Ask for a moderator about this issue!

For me since the last update the game is not freezing it’s making my phone restart own its own

I have this kind of problem too! Until last update everything was ok but after, l have at least 1 restart in 1 one day…and is happening only when l play…l bought a Huawei tablet just for this game, l use this tablet only for the game and insta so it not supposed to happen that. I have updated my tablet with everything just to be good for the game but…

sometimes, my game freeze for 3 seconds after the end of a battle. Very annoying

Bonjour est moi depuis la dernière mise à jour .Le bouclier du gardien gorille ne fonctionne plus lorsque j’active sa spéciale …
Merci de résoudre ce problème

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