Last spot available - The Byzantine Empire - Establlished Alliance!

Fed up with not progressing?

Need an experienced and established alliance that provides help & encouragement?

Are you looking for an active and friendly alliance?

Do you have minimum of 3000 Team Power and 800 Trophies?

If the answer is yes to all these questions then you have found your new home right here with us at The Byzantine Empire.

We are finishing off 8* Titans and work closely together on the Alliance Wars. We use WhatsApp but that’s entirely optional as we also chat away in the game.

Request to join us to be part of our winning team where all of us at The Byzantine Empire look forward to giving you a warm welcome or comment below for further information.

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Hi! I found you!!!

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Hi there. I’d like to join. I’m about a 2 weeks into the game, but can’t get enough of it. Alpha197055

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Hey Alpha, good to hear from you, glad your enjoying the game. How are your team level and trophies doing?

2070 on team, 704 on trophies.

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Alpha we’d love to have you onboard!

Find our alliance The Byzantine Empire and i’ll See you there to welcome you

@Alpha197055 if you need help to find us let me know and i’ll Help you.

Yes!! Alpha!! Come and join us, we would love to have you!!!

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And we give hugs too!!!

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Slaying a rare 8* Titan, come join us!!

This is an active and fun alliance, with many experienced players to grow together. Please join us if you love the game and stay active!

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Here are a few of our team mates :sunny:

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Always need the hugs!


1 space reserved, 2 spaces left. Check out The Byzantine Empire for your new home!

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Yes!! Come join us for fun, laughs and slaying titans!! Come fight along side us in war and be victorious!! Snuggling a must!

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Join Us In Killing our 8 star Titan

Last Spot Remaining, Hurry!

One space available at the Empires table, come feast on 8* Titans. Warm welcome guaranteed with The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire are looking for one strong hard hitting player to join our very friendly alliance. Team Level 3000k & 800 Trophies minimum with participation in all titans and wars a must. We want dedicated daily players as we work closely as a team! Come and say hello for a warm welcome or ask me for more details on how to meet our happy family, I reckon you’ll find your new home right here with us!