Last Post. Quitting for Various reasons

Hi for anyone who want to read this and what reason there could be to stay or not stay (poetic right?)

I was an leader of an Alliance and i gave up my role as a leader to my trusteds person and made a hard cut.


First of all the main reason is the unfairness objectively and subjectly
The space beetween f2p c2p and p2w is so big like no other game i have ever seen.
If you are a free2play player it is possible to get anything in the game, BUT to get the same as a spender you are seperated from it by YEARS.

Getting a hero of the month is only avaible on a event happening every month for a short period and then you only get the very luttle 1% chance (or sort of) for 2 of em.

Next thing when you have the honor to get one of them you need to slowly level em up and have the materials you need for them to level, also big difference in f2p and p2w.

Then you need a troop that is leveled up high enough to compete with with p2w users. I spendet a lot to this game and played it for 2-3 years now i think. I still dont have a full leveled rainbow 4 star troup and there are people on events that have 5x mono coloured 4 star on level 24 or something. Ridiculous.
People spend 10.000 euros/dollars on this game and still have room for advantages…

The next reason is the reason discussed the most here and always conquered with some values tjat didnt really display the truth in my opinion (objectively or subjectly idk really)
Its the damned shield spawns. It is not like the rng ranges from a bit bad luck to a but good luck
The shields are always good on low level quest and on farming levels and low tier titans. The higher the rewards would get (better loot in high/rare titans, war, and raid attacks) the worse the amount of tiles you need arr coming around.

The game adapts the individually difficulty with missing tiles on titans a lot.

I know there will be again persons that post stats from 100 boards. But that would not evaluate the whole spectrum of events happening.

One more thing the good loot ration dropped drastically. I cant remember a time where i good troop and epic hero coins from elemental chests.

This and many more reasons made me flee from this “casino game” and i am really happy i did that step. Because of that i were a spender of that game in total it has to be some sort of 1000€ over the time (yeah look at this dumb dumb) it felt like being imprisoned because i had put so much money and work into it.

But now im free.


Be careful not to spend something what is not worth it. Think twice.


Quarks123 the dumb dumb


Good real life @Quarks123!


I don’t really get this… You complain about the gap between f2p and the whales, but you invested more than 1000€ yourself into the game. Makes no sense to me, but nonetheless I wish you all the best whatever you will do or play in the future. Bye.


1000€ is close to 0 if you invest them over time. I also spent ~ 1000€ in 14 months and I’ve got 2 HOTMs and other than that, exactly 0 other 5* from summons. And I did over 100 pulls on Atlantis, for example.

If you invest 1000€ in a month, yes, you might get something really cool. If you invest 50-100€ / month, you’ll get exactly nothing, unless you’re really lucky.


No matter what you do or where you go, life can be competitive at times–for jobs, for love, for a house, or for lifestyles. There will always be someone out there that is better than you at something.

The key is understanding that you don’t have to be the best to enjoy something. You don’t have to have it all.

But you have to decide what you want to do.

Like American college football programs, do you drop a division thinking you can be more competitive like University of Idaho or just drop football altogether to strengthen other sports like Gonzaga or St. John’s?

If you feel dropping the game will allow you to be better in other areas of your life, then maybe you should, but that’s a personal decision, and if that is the route you wish to go, then I wish you all the best.


I really agree with this statement.

The fun within the game relies on setting some personal goals and sticking to them.

The most pleasure that I find is the company of the people in my alliance and a wide variety of great and diverse people on this forum.

It’s supposed to be a break from real life and some people like to climb the corporate ladder during their break time :rofl:

It really is each to their own though.

Best of luck to the OP in real life and possibly consider hanging around for a while and trying to find your place.


I really understand that i cant be the best, but also thinking about not even having the opportunity to do so (even tho when i make good decision in the game, lets you think about it.
I think i will advance in other things, when quitting and having time for this, that was my point. Thank you

That was the last string that hold me on the game. I didnt wanted to leave my mates and let them figjt without me. Helping new ones was always very satisfying for me. But hey i am happy with my decision. I think thats what counts right?
My personal wellbeing :slight_smile:


OP never claim to be F2P, OP not only mentioned F2P-P2W but F2P-C2P-P2W. Probably the OP is C2P.


Those are understandable reasons.

I’m of the mind that if you stop enjoying something, then it’s time to reconsider. For a game like this I would imagine the reason is for fun/enjoyment. If you find you no longer have fun or enjoy it then there’s little reason to continue.


One the point it is this statement, yes

I spent more than 1000 in about 7 months and all I got was a meagre 6 legendary heroes.
Decided to turn f2p/c2p after a numerous failed at the Atlantis portal. Only buying gems on cheap.
Quite a blessing indeed as within 8 months, TC20 had given me more than 15 classic legendary heroes, another few events heroes and hotMs.

Game was mean to be fun. Too much expectation kill the fun. With a laid back approach, I am enjoying real life and E&P more than ever.


I never said OP claimed to be f2p either. What OP did was especially arguing about the gap and how wide this gap between f2p and big spenders became by now. That’s fair enough, BUT if you say you’ve spent more or around 1000€ a few sentences after that statement, it’s a bit illogical in my opinion. That’s just cause 1000€ for a mobilegame is a lot for me personally no matter the timespan. @yelnats_24

I disagree with that statement, but that’s just my 2 cents. As I said, for me 1000€ for a mobile game is a lot no matter how big the timespan.
Please don’t take my words as an invitation for a discussion because if we begin to argue about what amount of money is a lot , we will move in circles, since it’s all based on personal opinion.
For me 1000€ is a lot, for others it gets you nowhere in this game - I think that’s all needed to say in that matter.

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Fare thee well, @Quarks123 :blush:

I hope you find new, healthy hobbies


Here is the real issue, I think. If you want to compete with p2w you need to be p2w yourself. Or lower your expectations. Or trust to playing for the long haul and occasionally prevailing.

F2p should not realistically be trying to “compete with p2w users” and those that do are the most frustrated. Same for c2p. Compete with yourself.

Good luck and I hope you find a better experience for yourself.


I’m gonna call bs right here. I am going on 2 years and my budget per month is around 30 dollars average and I beat p2w players everyday. People so worried about everyone elses heroes they forget how awesome the ones they already have can be. I have raided for 2 days using the same team in diamond with no cup dropping just to prove that. Same 5 hero team no matter what color tank I face. Taking on +18 emblem +30 troop “p2w” as you call em, another target is all I see. Soon as you realize everyone can lose the happier you will be especially taking them out with teams everyone else says cant win.


Life is tough when you constantly compare yourself to what others have. I’d say “I hope you find happiness” but people with this attitude never do. With that I say “ I hope you can find peace”.


Hello you made the best decision I would do the same thing I hoped to succeed soon game for three years and as you I spent money getting nothing a great wish for real life

My point is the OP talked about the tile chances worsening. That’s where he lost me

I get quitting, I get hating the relentless dedication to RNG. But tiles do not worsen based upon level. At level 69, 2.5 years in… i still get amazing boards.


I spend between 15 and 25 euro/month since September’18 (maybe a pair of times 30-35), and played everyday trying to take the best decision.
Today I have 20 maxed 5stars, I play in a top 50 ally killing a 14* titan everyday.

This don’t wanna be a brag, I just wanna say that is not absolutely necessary to spend thousands of bucks to reach high levels!


As I said, it’s also about the luck.

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