Last player to receive Alasie and first to receive Frida?

I think I might have been the last player to receive Alasie and first to receive Frida… Lol

Back when Alasie was available, I used a token and got Alasie alongside Ulmer with about 5 min before she disappeared. Then the other day, I clicked on the ? of the summon banner and saw Kunchen. I did my pull and Yes! BONUS summon! And to my surprise, Frida instead of Kunchen! I literally pulled her within seconds of her appearing!


Nice, but what to discuss here?

Had been better as an answer imho…

I’m just sharing something that I experienced with the game that I thought was kinda cool. It’s fair game to post. Plus, maybe somebody else had a similar experience or maybe even somebody can say they received Alasie even later than me!


It seems a worthy post for The Ridiculous Bragging thread :slight_smile:


Actually you may be tied with first place on that one… same thing happened to my brother. But the one thing that sickens me the most about it. He’s only been playing the game for 4 months. He spends only $10 a week. And he’s gotten four heroes of the month since December. 4 months, $10 a week, 23 5-star characters… He has all the luck.

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Or he might be misleading you about how much he’s spent :stuck_out_tongue:

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I doubt it. We are pretty close I know how much he makes and he can’t spend more than what he makes. I don’t think he’d have a place to live if he spent more than $10 a week. I’m telling you he is the luckiest person on this game. If I had 2 grade his account I’d say if he were to sell it somebody would probably pay easily $2,500… Kageburdo, Joon , marjana, obakan, Evelyn, kunchin, Frida, onatel… just to name a few that I’ve seen. I showed him the game Christmas time. He started the game 2 days before Christmas. I read a whole bunch of post about people spending tons of money looking for five stars, I just wish I got some of my dad’s luck. I think he got it all

I mean really!!! How do you just start the game and get the hero of the month even the people that spend a ton of money on this game aren’t even that lucky

Evelyn on his 1st summon, and 2 more in 2 days after Christmas… he started Christmas and he seems to always pull 5 stars… he can’t level them all up but he got em…list … 3 x Evelyn, kageburdo, obakan, Elena, khagan, 2x lianna, Joon, Justice, sargasso, vivica, DOMITIA, 2 x Frida, Richard, kunchin, that’s all I know of he probably got more just too many to remember… ten dollars a week and only been playing 3 months… I showed him the game on Christmas… I love my brother to death, but his luck makes me ridiculously sick