Last of the Druids, Now Recruiting!

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to the Last of the Druids! Our Alliance is like a family, where all are welcome, from beginners to experts alike. All we ask is that you show the rest of our family their due respect, and that you stay as active as possible and use your Titan and War flags (though we understand if something comes up).

And we are indeed recruiting! While all are welcome, we are looking for at least a few seasoned players to assist with Titans (we’re currently averaging 4-star Titans with the occasional 5-star, and would like to progress to higher-level Titans) and wars (we only have three War participants at the moment), if possible ones with 4k+ TP.

I will respond to any messages and questions, and I do hope we see you soon :heart:

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EDIT: Since it apparently needs to be said, we are NOT INTERESTED IN MERGING. DO NOT ASK.


Hey if you’re interested we’ve got 8 spots open at Fantasy Empire. Our alliance sounds pretty similar to yours. We’re a fairly seasoned group, used to be a top 400 alliance but had some players retire from the game.

Let me know if you’re interested, you can find me on line at smoress

Red hot & blue would have space for you. You are more than welcome to drop in and one of the members will let you in. There are 16 of us with 13 being warriors.
I,(HOOOOT+++) have a line account, hothom but I dont live on the Line.

We’re not interested in merging.

Best of luck then, see you on the battlefield

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