Last Fine Gloves to: 2nd Proteus or Gadeirus?

Hi all,

Well, I finally found myself with this happy problem: my first duplicate 4* or 5* whom I am considering to ascend.

Who would you ascend: Proty 2 (at 3/60), or Gadeirus (at 3/18)?

I got my 4th Trap Tools today, and have 9 Sturdy Shields, but only one pair of Fine Gloves.

I’m trying to improve my performance in Raid offense + tournaments and War foremost; Titans, challenge events and class quests are secondary.

For Yellow Titans, I use Proty 1, Seshat, Sabina, Aeron for tile damage; and Grimm for defense debuff (no other Purple 4* or 5*). I use Bear banners to boost attack.

For Blue Titans, I use Margaret, Skittles, Jack O’Hare for tile damage; Gregorion for tile damage + critical hit chance, and Grimm again. I also use Bear banners to boost attack.

My full roster of 4s and 5s by color (not planning to spend money on summons, though I do have one TC20 full time and a second I can flex):

  1. Purple
  • Seshat (almost maxed, now 4/62; have 50 Ranger emblems waiting for her)
  • Aeron (3/70, waiting for 4 tabards)
  • Proteus +13
  • Sabina +9
  • 2nd Proteus 3/60
  1. Green
  • Margaret +1
  • Gregorion 3/70 (waiting for 4 Tonics, and yes, I ascended Margaret before I got him ok? :wink: )
  • Jack O’Hare +7
  • Skittleskull +3
  • Gadeirus 3/18
  • Kashhrek 1/1 (not planning to ascend unless I run out of Green projects, but will do Hisan and Muggy first)
  • Gobbler 1/1 (not planning to ascend)
  1. Yellow
  • Inari +1
  • Rana 2/59 (will ascend to 3/70 as I have surplus Orbs, but waiting for 4 Darts)
  • Li Xiu +9
  • Chao +3
  1. Blue
  • Lepus +1
  • Aegir 3/70 (waiting for 4 Scopes)
  • Kiril +3
  • Triton +6
  • Sonya 4/67 (soon to be maxed, and I have 181 Paladin emblems that I can use, with no competing Paladin…)
  • Grimm 4/1 (next to max after Sonya)
  • Boril 1/1 (will take to 3/60 at least, but will only ascend if I have surplus Capes)
  • Agwe 1/1 (not planning to max unless I run out of Blue projects)
  1. Red
  • Gormek +8
  • Lancelot +14
  • Scarlett +3
  • Boldtusk 4/25 (and climbing fast, have 50 Fighter emblems for him)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you participate in wars, I would go Proteus all the way. Gadeirus at 3/60 is likely maxxed on special and would probably only be useful for buffing Greg & Skittle on Titans.


thanks @TheSchmoo! My Gadeirus is indeed maxed on special :slight_smile: that’s why I was having second thoughts on ascending Gad; unlike with Grimm or Boldtusk, whom I ascended without hesitation.

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