Last Atlantida Hard Stage

Hello guys.
Now I am at last 4 Atlantida hard stages, so today/tomorrow I should end season 2 (yey).
I have a real question, so feel free to express your opinion.

So, the last stage consists of two phases and both of them have a very hard (a lot of health) boss. I want to ask, what have you used for the last stage? And maybe you can say your opinion about what roster I should use as well.

Until now I used this roster:
Misandra, Delilah, Aegir, Sartana, Wu Kong.

And battle items:
Mana Potion 1lvl, Health Potion 1lvl, Bomb Attack, Axe Attack (and sometimes Dragon Attack).

My heroes are:

5* Misandra (blue) - 4/80;
5* Delilah (yellow) - 3/70;
5* Aegir (blue) - 3/70;
5* Sartana (purple) - 3/70;
5* Anzogh (red) - 3/50;
4* Wu Kong (yellow) 4/70;
4* Li Xiu (yellow) 4/70;
4* Kashhrek (green) 4/70;
4* Gormek (red) 4/70;
4* Rigard (purple) 4/70;
4* Little John (green) 4/70;
4* Sumitomo (red) 3/60;
4* Kiril (blue) 3/60;
4* Boldtusk (red) 3/60;
4* Grimm (blue) 3/60;
4* Melendor (green) 3/60;
4* Chao (yellow) 3/60;

Until now my roster worked nearly good, I passed like 95% stages in a first try. But maybe you can help me to improve my roster more. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Take a yellow stack to have strong tile dmg, but without yellow hitting or harmful specials. So you can concentrate on matching tiles and team health.

Maybe Delia, Li and Wu and health health health. Perhaps supported by Aegir and Kiril.

You just need mana and health in your item slots, since bombing will do nothing helpful. You just have to compensate some bad situations while fighting her by mana or health.

All in all she has about 70K of life, so you’re going to throw tiles at her, many many tiles.

You should give some emblems to Wu, since otherwise he will die from two of her normal attacks, which sadly happens every turn. Melendors spell would help, but he also dies too quick.

Her mana charges too slow to have a huge impact by mana stop heroes. Li will do a better job there. Proteus wasn’t that impressive against her.

Bring big, minor and small mana potions and small health to be as flexible as possible.

May the boards be with you. :four_leaf_clover:


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