Last 6 Months war data, beginning from Rush war introduction. Added analysis tools

What is PPF?
Points per flag?

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yes, sorry should’ve clarified. Average defensive points per flag

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You two are awesome. This is exactly what the forum is for, finding great information and having the community supply it. Cheers to you both!


If SG gave me access to their data I’d love to spend time analyzing and posting results. I can be an unpaid intern.

I’m always in awe of players collating, analysing and sharing such information to help their alliance mates and then posting on the forum, to help the community. @Saltyy & @Ruskin505 you two rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hey @Dudeious.Maximus, a couple of worthy candidates for a dragon perhaps :wink:.


FWIW @Saltyy is the leader of the Incognitos.


Ahhh putting me on the spot haha :joy: am big fan of data collection for the good soo, I’ll give also another two to others. Also another I see doing good work in the coummity. :dragon::frog::turtle:



Very exciting to earn a dragon!!! Fwiw I wouldn’t have it without @Sarah2. Seems like she deserves one for helping the community :slight_smile:

I’m general if anyone has data they’ve tracked I’d love to analyze it for you.


FYI - I’m at #2 on that list :wink:

Congrats @Ruskin505. Your enthusiasm is appreciated.


You would of got one at some point can see when people doing good for the forum. :wink: Sarah prob just sped it up a bit.

Also we going off topic. Keeep the rest of the thread on the war data collection.

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To be honest i feel like using a green tank will actually put you at a disadvantage in todays meta as so many people have adapted to going against them. For my alliances its starting to get boring as it’s just the same easy line up, which is why we have gone to blue tanks.

@Ruskin505 Here is a link to the spreadsheet data along with some of the analysis tools I used on it. I’d be curious to see what you think! Hopefully it is a bit more accessible for the less spreadsheet inclined :slight_smile:

For instance, here is a bubble chart I made in an attempt to help understand the rise of purple tanks and their effectiveness


We still green tank. Won the last 2 rush wars against Purple tanks.

People still bounce of Green tanks plenty believe me

I don’t find Ursena to be a problem these days. I just bring a red/blue/green mono team dependent on what support she has. Then she’s less scary than Quintus…

She’s only an issue if you bring yellow, so you play around that and she’s not a great purple tank anymore tbh

Any charts or other info posted here by me is a reflection of the data I collected. Ursena grades out as a solid option and is fairly popular, but I would agree there are stronger tank choices.

There will always be instances where they work but over all I believe they are beginning to be a stale choice.

Funny… And they nerfed telluria, and Vela. Bring them back.

I enjoy the visualizations you have put together. Sometimes I want to work with someone professionally based solely on what they can do in Excel and PowerPoint in their free time. I can only imagine you are good at your job!

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