Last 4* ascension - could use some feedback

So as largely a VIP C2P I spent time leveling my 4* to 3/60 with the idea this gave me the largest spread of heroes and levels while letting me accumulate ascension materials. I’m now ready to push a few to 4/70 and could use an extra set of eyes and experience to help make sure my plan makes sense. I’ve rounded up some of the levels for convenience sake.

Current 4/70
Drake (well 3/70 - didn’t have a yellow 4* forever; waiting on 2 more darts)

Current 3/60
Purple - Proteus, Ameonna, Merlin, Sabina
Yellow - Li Xiu (2), Hu Tao
Blue - Kiril, Boril, Sonya, Magni (2/60)
Green - Caedmon, Gadeirus, Little John, Kashhrek
Red - Colen, G Falcon, Scarlett, Zimkitha (2/60)

1/1 Options to include dups
Sonya, Melendor, Sumitomo, Wilbur, Kelile, Colen, Scarlett, Sabina, Okaban, Ameonna

I tend to think in terms of building for Titans/Wars more so than defense. For my next push my thought is

Purple - Proteus first then Sabina
Yellow - not to ascend either Li or Hu but to wait on darts or another 4*
Blue - Kiril first then maybe Sonya
Green - Caedmon and then see if I have anything new; maybe Gad over LJ
Red - Colen then…dunno…Scarlett perhaps

Any advice or insight would be great!

Wilbur is awesome for titans

Kash gives players a hard time during war. Especially with field aid.

Have you looked at how you’re fixed for heroes against the class trials? The excellent spreadsheet by Kamikaze Assassin has a tab where you can put your roster in and check. That may inform some of your decisions. The spreadsheet is in the middle of this post:

Absent that analysis…

For your purple, I love my Proteus. He is amazing. Sabina is nice tile damage, decent heals, and an ability that duplicates Melendor. Proteus and Sabina are both pretty squishy, though, and would really benefit from going all the way up. Proteus is undoubtedly more useful against titans.

For your yellow, it’s hard to argue AM for Li when you have Drake sitting right there. She’s pretty sturdy at 3/60, and honestly her damage never gets brilliant.

For your blue, Kiril and then Sonya looks right. You’re light on maxed healers, but the one you do have leveled duplicates Sonya’s buff removal.

For green, who’s your tank right now? I know you said titains>raids, but Kashh is an amazing tank, and can hold cups ok up through low Diamond. Tanks benefit from the extra stats quite a lot, so I might consider him over Caedmon right now. If your heart is set on titans, then definitely Caedmon is nice. He’s got decent defense and decent tile damage.

For red, it’s honestly a matter of personal taste. Colen hits like a truck but is slow. Scarlett hits more lightly, but faster and with a debuff. Which do you find yourself using more? Colen’s AOE is honestly less useful than Scarlett’s debuff on titans. She’ll save you healing and mana pots over time.

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@Garanwyn is correct is saying the class of each hero may change how we used to choose who we leveled.

Before I can give any opinion about your roster, I would like to know what ascension materials you have. The possibility of jumping over some 4s and leveling a 5* like Zimkitha is some you should not ignore. There are always caveats about jumping to the higher hero, but it may be viable.

Thanks for the replys. I don’t quite have all of the ascension items to fully raise a 5* so will have a wait a bit. On the purple front my TC20 just yielded a Rigard. Trying to balance bringing him to 3/60 vs Proteus to 4/70 :wink:

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