Larger Avatars

We now have an Avatar Shop with some really cool avatars and backgrounds. I was taken aback at first by the price of some of these, but there are plenty of other discussions about that. What bothers me is that almost all avatars take up the entire box–so what good is buying a beautiful background if it’s just going to get obscured?

It seems like an easy mod to the Player Info page to increase the size of the avatar box and allow more room for the artwork…

You mean essentially an ability to scale the hero portrait within the background?

That would be awesome if that’s what you’re saying.

I’m not a moderator

You could scale it, or even have the upper portion of the player info box be your background with your name, trophies, rank, and last active in the foreground

I fully agree with this and would like to add something to it. Actually I would like to see something added to the options. Am I the ONLY one who has noticed that the greater portion of avatars available for sale are male?! I have been patiently waiting for the perfect formal avatar for me, Elena would be fantastic as I’m a redhead and would like my avatar to reflect me and my personality, but don’t want the big headed options that we currently have. SO, I watch and wait… male, male, stupid titan, male… Oh! A female, but ugh, no. Male, male, male… They are leaving a huge portion of the members out here by rarely giving us females! So, I’ll keep my gems AND my cash! Thanks! I’ll consider my dinner last night to be on you.

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