Language translations for alliance chat

Since the game is truly International we need a way to allow for translations to occur in Alliance chats. This supports international team work and allows teams to communicate across time zones and normal barriers. Tie to Google Translate or some other online translator. Thank you for your consideration. Also where the Flags are used to identify language allow a touch to say what country the flag is from. Thank you.

YES PLEASE! This helps so much. I’ve come from 2 previous games with this and it’s invaluable, you cav use goggle api.

Any hope at all, it has been 8 month and no reply.
With players from around the world, it would be helpful in alliance chat.
Any way to do what is mentioned above?
If so how, please?
Thanks in advance for any info.
Have fun.

Translate a phrase in chat would be a cool feature and shouldn’t be too difficult to implement!

e.g. hold over phrase and click Translate

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