Language translation

In one of my other games, there is a button that can be pressed that translates the original language to that of the original players chosen language. I think this would allow our alliances to have more inclusion. Is this feasible?

Try changing the game language:

and/or the in-game chat language:

What I mean is that if someone is a native Japanese speaker, he can write in Japanese. I can then hit a button to auto translate it to English…my language. We can therefore be in an alliance together and understand each other much more easily than we would now.

I see. Nice feature. I doubt if it can be done on a mobile game though.

I am sure it is a challenge…I am not sure what all would be needed, but that is from a phone app game.

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Wowzers… unfortunately, SG may not be invested on the in-game chat. Fact of the matter is, players in a certain country don’t have global chat even. But that would be a cool add on in the game. Would love to see that.

Presumably it could hook in to the google translate API. It would mean that the game uses slightly more data. Not sure if Google requires payment for that service, though.

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