Language as tiebreaker for AW matchups

The AW matchmaking system to is a work-in-progress, much discussed elsewhere…but I figure whatever happens, you get a single numeric score you can sort the alliances by when it is all done, and then pair them up with the one next to them. (This is an assumption on my part)

Anyhow, I figure that list has a lot of alliances that have scores within 1% of each other.

What about making pairings among that range based on language, or nudging it that direction?

I recall somebody saying that they set up a line or discord group chat between the two alliances during war, and it was a lot of fun.

Our last match was Russian, our current one is Polish (I think). Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

War is hell. Some of us are here not to be friendly to the opponents as we curbstomp them

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I’m not sure if I agree or not, but very descriptive!

I said it sounded fun…I didn’t say it was friendly :smiling_imp:

What better way to torment them than to show videos of the stomping.

besides everyone wants to see how their defenses do. win win.

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