Landbridge - Alliance Associations / Linking – Sister Alliances and Alliance Families

Occasionally, there will be some alliances who create sister or feeder alliances.

What would be nice, is if there could be a way to “link” alliances so that players could easily travel between them to help with Titans, chat with other members etc without the titan chest lock-out.

I understand the war matchmaking wouldn’t allow for that complexity. But it would be a fun way to build community.

Then you would be creating senrios where everyone would be in multiple alliences concentrating on single strongest titans thus having the other allience not killing titans.

It would be a nightmare.

I think it might lead to more load-balancing. Once the big titans are dead and people have flags… the others could be hit.

There are already limits (such as the anti-mercing penalty for hitting two titans in 20 hours), but (at the very least) to remove that titan penalty between the alliances. This would still be a nice feature. Besides, the social aspect is a major element that keeps this game alive.

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Social yes but this would lead to abuse aimed at going for stronger titans for better loot. Then you have the one jumping around getting loot from multiple titan chests.

I may be wrong but that’s how I see this.

If your case makes sence then wouldn’t it be also just to say for example allow leaders to create say 3 alliences and all those 90 members would be able to play against any one of those titans, I asure you that one allience would never be hitting titans.

Your point is valid and perhaps the implementation may not be an easy one, but I think that there is something more that could be done to facilitate larger alliances that have these off-shoots.

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I’ve thought about this too, I understand that SG wants the titans to scale to the level of the members of the alliance, and creating a bridge like this would throw off calculations for next titans, if strong players are regularly assisting in lower level titans. It would probably be a massive project, but it would be nice to have the option to “Link” alliances, then there could be two chat tabs, one for alliance members, and one for all members of linked alliances. That way you could chat within your alliance, and also with members of the sister. You could also create another tab for Titans, under the alliance main page, for linked alliance titan. That could give the option to attack the sister alliance titan without leaving your current alliance, avoiding the chest lockout. To compromise with SG titan calculations and deter multi-titan farming, they could only allow one attack per member from a sister alliance, and removing all loot and chest progression when attacking a sister titan. This would keep loot the same, and chest progression the same, but allowing linked alliances to give support to each other. My ideas could be flawed, and have massive loop holes, but something like this would be great. the main thing i would like to see is chat integration between the alliances. Most mains and feeders are setup to build and teach lower players and have the graduate to the main. It would be a great deal easier if the experienced players could give advice to the new/growing players without having to jump back and forth between wars, creating second accounts on different devices, or using third party apps to chat between alliances. Just my 2 cents.

I feel that the chat box should be permanently at the very bottom of the game at all times to start with including during all battles. Having said that making chat work with linked alliances would need it to be linked from the team leader side of it, meaning if the alliance leader where able to open more than one alliance and only he the team leader would be able to use his resources between these alliances, then chat could include all linked members but having every member linked to swap around still goes against good will.

Having said that yes team leader would also get titan chest from all linked but they are the leaders for one and if doing the right thing they ate there to help out there alliences achieve greatness so abusing it wouldn’t be to the leaders advantages

Hey gridlock, those are good points and I agree about the chat staying on bottom even through battles, or ar least when on a zone of the world map. With the linked alliances I just meant there would still be two separate leaders, one for each alliance, just add the ability to link the two, for social chat and titan support. The chat could be setup similar to general chat, but restricted to only people in either alliance. Each alliance would be a standalone alliance as it is now, just add in a feature to link the main and feeder alliances for support and chat. Appologies for not explaining better before, or now, if im still being unclear. :yum: usually things sound better in my head and come out all effed up, haha.

I actually did understand you the first time but I will expand my explanation in more detail.

For the coding system to working and know why it’s linking the chat boxes together there would need to already be a link joining those 2 alliances together, then the code in the background wiuld be able say, hey these two are joined by one leader lets also join thier there chatbox.

Without an already existing link you nothing to tell the code what to do unless the dev add a new button to each members allience account or the leaders control board saying yes link chatbox with such and such allience but that would create way to much work to achieve. Then again there are good and bad coders and based on this this game I’d they may find a way they really wanted to.

Hope this explains it better

Oh I gotcha, my apologies, I understand now, haha. Thank you for the explanation and lesson.

Hi all

I know I am only new to creating a Sister Alliance but from what I have read about them and seeing they are obviously used and mostly by top Alliances and the reason they are used.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the leader from the original/main Alliance could actually create a sister alliance that sits titled as the sister alliance to the main making it easier for members from both to move from one to the other or even allowing the leader to move members from one to the other.

You could make it so that sister alliance can’t be added unless the Alliance is full or by a leader who has reached a certian level ir some other sort of filter.

Just a thought!

Back when I played Dark Age of Camelot, our alliance was called a “guild.” And a group of guilds could band together in an “alliance.” The chats were different colors, and you would just type /g or /a before you typed depending on where you wanted to send it. Each guild was run by their own leader and the alliance was run by 1 guild. It was great for coordinating.


Yea something like that would be nice.

It would be like having 60 members in the alliance…

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