Lancelot’s mana regeneration explained

Hi, myself and another alliance member are experiencing issues with Lancelot special skill.
His mana regeneration is not working at all.
Does anyone else have the same problem, or know if theres a planned fix?

me too, it’s looks the same though. With or without lancelot buff

I thought they were my things! but I see that no, I do not notice any rise in the speed of the mana at all when its special is activated

I worked it out. It works the same as the mana boost that troop provide. I never levelled him for that reason.

I noticed this very early on…I ascended him to lvl3 60. Frankly, I still feel very disappointed in him. First he gets nerfed then he doesn’t work properly…Sucks…I don’t really use him anymore, not really…

He didnt get nerfed. He was changed. While in Beta.

He’s still a pretty good card. Maybe not the best red 4*, but still a good card.

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Same difference as far as I’m concerned…The word was out that was a potential tank, but nah…He’s still somewhat valuable, if you have nothing better to level up or ascend…

Far from the same thing.

Beta is for testing, evaluating and balancing heros among other things.

He was tested, re-evaluated and balanced accordingly.

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He’s still broken…

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Dude, you’re broken.

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Hahaha, yes, very true…

  • Sorry, just frustrated with the inconsistency of some things…
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He was tested during beta (by me even) and completely functional in accelerating mana gained. Wasn’t changed post release to my knowledge. I will look for the old screen caps I took then, working through Shiloh at the moment and can’t try it on live.

It would be helpful to post video or pictures showing the issue in this case: for reference, Lancelot does not generate mana (unlike Alby), he only boosts mana gained from other sources.


For me the issue is that all the people who level him has some mini-Alberich expectations, so completely broken.
Sorry, he is a mini-Khagan.

A good card even in the red faction, that is known to probably be the best element for 4* heroes.

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JimMe from 7DD explain that lance mana generation works.
Fast = 8 tile
Average = 10 tile
SLow = 12 tile

So 24% mana generation in fast, 8x.76 = 6 tile to activate special
If you have buff from troop 15% for example so 24+15 = 39 %. In Fast 8x .61 = 4.88 or 5 tile

In my observation lance or khagan mana gen is different with albe. In lance and khagan still need tile, but in albe tile is not needed.

Hmm, that math look wrong to me. Here’s how I’m guessing it works—haven’t tested, though:

Lancelot with 24% mana gen boost means each tile gives 1.24 mana

5 tiles dropped = 6.2 mana
6 tiles dropped = 7.44 mana (very fast)
7 tiles dropped = 8.68 mana (fast)
8 tiles dropped = 9.92 mana
9 tiles dropped = 11.16 mana (average)
10 tiles dropped = 12.4 mana (slow)

So Lancelot saves 1 tile for very fast, fast, and average heroes, and 2 tiles for slow heroes.

Suppose you equip a 4* mana troop that gives 7% mana boost. I’m guessing that is is additive, not multiplicative, that is, you get 100% + 24% + 7% = 131% mana, not 1 * 1.24 * 1.07=133%. Going with 131%, you’d yield:

5 tiles dropped = 6.55 mana (very fast)
6 tiles dropped = 7.86 mana
7 tiles dropped = 9.17 mana (fast)
8 tiles dropped = 10.48 mana (average)
9 tiles dropped = 11.79 mana
10 tiles dropped = 13.1 mana (slow)

So the troops make a meaningful change for very fast and average mana heroes, kicking them over the 10 mana mark with only 8 tiles, effectively converting them from average to fast. Equipping these mana troops with fast or slow heroes has no effect (on offense).

Rerun this analysis for your mana troop levels to figure out which heroes will benefit. You’d need a 10% mana boost from troops to power up fast heroes with only 6 tiles, which will also power up slow heroes with only 9 tiles.


That’s not how it works unfortunately. Wish it did.

It’s a buff to mana gained which means it works like this:

X * 1.24 (for Lance at 24%); X = number of tiles.

Using a fast hero for example, and the target values are right:

6 * 1.24 = 7.44 (less than 8, not charged)
7 * 1.24 = 8.86 (>8 so charged).

Lance buff knocks a tile off the speed of a fast hero. Incidentally only one tile off an average speed hero too (oh for just one more % on lance… am confident this was absolutely intentional) and two off a slow.

Where it gets interesting and I haven’t tested this part, is what happens with mana troops in conjunction: mana troops by themselves unless you are buying copious troop rolls (for every hero not named Jackal as even non-spenders can get to a level 11 mana troop if they have it), but let’s take Jackal as a case study at very fast.

Jackal base is 6.5 tiles to charge

Jackal with 9% mana troop (level 11) goes to to 6 tiles… but hold the phone, 5 * 1.24 = 6.2, with Lance up and the aforementioned troop does Jackal now charge in 5 tiles?

That’s hasn’t been tested yet to my knowledge, I certainly haven’t yet. Project for later.

@Kerridoc very fast value is 6.5 tiles for reference, rest of your math was spot on in terms of how Lance buff works.


Thanks, fixed my post.

And, yes, I think Jackal with Lancelot’s buff and level 11 mana troops should get charged with 5 tiles. 5 * (100% + 24% + 9%) = 6.65. You don’t even need to go up to level 11: even with 6% mana troops, you get 5 * 130% = 6.5. (You don’t get the non-buffed benefit of charging with only 6 tiles, though.)

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I seriously doubt that it’s additive.

Pretty certain it’s going to be evaluation A and then evaluation B which means it’s multiplicative.

I can’t test that on Jackal but should be able to on a fast or average hero when I get around to it.

Thanks; my Lancelot is only special 1, so he’s not much use in testing.

First, could you wizards add in calculations for how the two mana potions effect the hero.

Second, I think this thread needs to be in a wider distribution. Moving it to General Discussion or Gamepaly and Tactics would help many players.

Thanks for the good work

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