Lancelot or Lancenot?

I forget I have him. Hardly ever see his name mentioned here, either.

Who uses him regularly?

I love to see him in Raids.
Easy kill.


He’s really only good if you’ve got nobody else

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Disagree. He’s fantastic at titans and on offense. You never see him because he isn’t so great on defense. People use him on offense.


Yeahh… hahahaha… so poor her defense
I have her n :pensive::pensive: so sad

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Lancelot is a lady? SETIOUSLY? :thinking:

On offense, do you have to stack for best affect?

Yeah i consider it a ladylot :rofl::rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
20 cents not just 2 lol

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Lancelot is a decent, offensive hero.

Lancelot is a good character if the stack of tiles is favorable. However it is a badly designed character. its characteristics are 756 - 533 - 1047 average mana. He has the defense and the attack of a hero with a fast mana so it is the points of defense that must be increased to 633 or change his mana from medium to fast. Especially since it is an event hero so this little more would be only legitimate. That is my opinion.


Lancelot isn’t good for defence team, but he is good in offence team. I have him fully maxed and I used him all the time, before I had 5* hero. I still use him in wars.

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It is a good option to replace Boldtusk or Scarlet in titan teams, and good to use in wars for sure.
Sick damage and two useful skills, what else?

But if you have tons of reds 5*, wilbur, falcon and so on it is clear he falls behind.

he was originally fast mana. they nerfed his mana upon release but didnt change his stats which made him useless for defense.

May i know your alliance name? :smile::smile::smile:

Titan Assassins! :slight_smile:

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On the way there :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I can only say wow :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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To join your alliance do you need requirements? :joy::joy:

Able to comverse in English, get the line app, and want to learn.

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