Hello everyone, I really do not know if it is a bug or simply that it is so. I have Kiril and Lancelot in my team, the first one gives an attack buff to all of 30% and Lancelot to 48% to the near ones, I have realized that when activating to the 2 the buff does not add, the ones of Lancelot they still have only 48% and not 78%

If they do the same buff, which in this case they do. They will not stack.


It’s the same with Brienne and Kiril. First time I tried it, I was hoping for about 60% attack buff, but you have one or the other buff. :slightly_frowning_face: (It doesn’t effect the defence buff of kiril)

That is a pity because adding up seems to work with kiril and wu kong.

WuKong has the only attack buff in the game that stacks with other attack buffs. Probably because his buff comes with a penalty.


Well luckily I did not get the sword I need for Lancelot, because if he was not very convinced with him … now much less, I prefer to save them for someday Gormek arrives