Lancelot buff affect tiles damages as well?


Does Lancelot’s 48% attack buff also affect the tiles damages? I know for the special skills it does on nearby allies, but cant figure about tiles damages.
And if paired with Wu Kong will the attack buff add with the other? 185% + 48% that is awesome if it does.


Yes, and yes. Note that Lancelet’s attack buff is overwritten by any subsequently cast attack buff except Wu Kong’s. E.g., Kiril’s weak buff will replace Lancelot’s strong one.


Yes, @Lunx, I use this tactic too.
This convinced me to invest in Lancelot T4 mats…I still strongly believe that he should be FAST mana though like other fast 4* direct damage hitters…his defense is very low…so not unusual for him to fall before he has a chance to use his special!


He was fast on Beta and he was insane. He’s well balanced as average.

Think of him as a mini-Khagan.


I do not like anything, it is very poor, in Morlovia I do not pass the first round of the last one, I do not know how I could finish it, I agree that I should be fast, average, I would not spend even a sword in he


Then maybe he should have had his abilities reduced further but not demoted to Average mana.
Few, if any, other single-target attackers are not fast!

I would happily trade him anytime with BT or Colen or Gormek or Scarlett! Not much of a special hero IMHO!


His strength isnt his single target attack, it is his buff. He buffs himself and gets himself and the adjacent heros specials going.

Look at him like a support-hero instead of a direct damage dealer.

But if you feel strongly about him, dont use him. Or e-mail SGG with a suggestion of how he could be changed.


Compare him to Ares: average mana, buffs self and nearby, but NO strike. Admittedly Ares’s buffs are pretty amazing, but so are Lancelot’s (on a 4*).


@Kerridoc…I hope you are not fully serious :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re matching a DD (low percentage moreover) Hero (who are always fast mana) to a healer (+ Booster) Hero (who are always medium mana) :wink:

So let’s compare Lancelot to Grimm/Gormek - all medium, right?
Lancelot +250% Damage & attack +48%x4-turns = 192% (that have to be guessed before the duel)
Gormek +295% Damage & defense -34%x6-turns = 204% (that can be aimed during the duel)

Grimm/Gormek would then give you the additional damage on the contiguous heroes (that I have used frequently to finish an ailing opposing hero while crippling another).

Lancelot would give additional mana (FOR ONLY 4 TURNS) hoping that you have shield-combinations that present themselves within those 4 turns of 24% of what you gain only so a 3-shield combination would not even count as a 4-shield combination!!

I ascended Lancelot only because my only other option was Falcon and I did not have any of these:
BoldTusk (my dream - since I cannot have Ares of course!!)
Colen (who defeated me in many raids so much so that I reroll every time I find as opposing tank)
Gormek (who I would love to field with Grimm)
Scarlett (a fast multiple hitter)

If anyone has any of these fully ascended and wants my fully ascended Lancelot, please let me know so we ask the devs for a special concession :wink:


Falcon is a great hero. If you choose not to ascend him, then you’re missing out.


Falcon is a good hero when in combination with another red…basically as a double-red vs Green Titans or Green Tanks. On his own during a raid he’s weak, since he does only 220% that coupled with his low attack score is rarely fatal for a hero at the level of raiding I am at (2100-2250).

Before ascending Lancelot, I took a shot at 10x Summon but ended with 10x3* :frowning:
I could not advance anymore so I had to start ascending heroes and had to settle for Lancelot and placed him between Grimm and Melendor. The attack boost is nice on these heroes when I manage to trigger it before he falls :wink:


Dont underestimate the stacking armor defbuffing. Grimm + Falcon may not be optimal, but even with Falcons low attack stats red tiles with hit for quite a bit on a double debuffed target.

But like you said, its a question of what heros you have available and how you choose to raid :slight_smile:


This is my raid attacking team:
Grimm(4-70) - Lancelot(4-48) - Melendor(4-70) - Wu(4-70) - Rigard(4-38)/Falcon(3-60)/Jackal(3-60)/Morgana(2-60) ---- [I choose the last hero depending on opponents heroes/tank]

This is my raid defense team:
Grimm(4-70) - Lancelot(4-48) - Melendor(4-70) - Wu(4-70) - Rigard(4-38)
[But unsure if I should replace Wu on defense with one of these

I raid by matching the best combination of shields rather than looking at the colours I want and have maxed 2299 trophies with a team power of 3360…which I believe is in the norm, right?

Any suggestions please how I can improve my formation? :slight_smile:


Hard to say really, but there are a few general raiding tips. (Cant really offer up any good defence advice.)

  • Ghosting. Sending tiles to the back without hitting a hero generates 2x mana compared to a tile that hits a target.

  • Mana efficiency. Assuming no mana troops or other buffs it takes 6.5/8/10/12 tiles to fill up very fast/fast/average/slow heros mana. So if you have an average hero at 80% mana, and a diamond of that color with 8 tiles on the board, if possible, its better to to do a “match 3” to fill th3 hero, fire off the special, then trigger the diamond to load up more mana.

  • color stacking, sometimes it isnt wrong to do color stacking with more heros. 3/1/1, 3/2 or 2/2/1 constellations arent uncommon.

  • special timing. holding Lancelots special if you see that Scarlett is about to fire is generally a smart thing.

  • hero placement. on attack its generally a good idea to place healers at the flanks to minimize splash damage. Separating yellow heros if facing Hel is another example.


Thanks for your feedback…considering I’m at level 30, most of the above I have already experienced and learnt on my skin and that of my heroes :slight_smile:

However, the mana efficiency point got me thinking. I know of the advantage of ghosting but if I am not missing the advantage of mana-boosting troops. If you consider the following (lower is even more ineffective):
Very fast - need 6.5 - hit with 6 mana +9% boost = 6.5 mana - saves a shield
Fast - - - - - need 8 - hit with 7 mana +10% boost = 7.7 mana - no saving
Medium - - need 10 - hit with 9 mana +10% boost = 9.9 mana - no saving
Slow - - - - need 12 - hit with 11 mana +9% boost = 12 mana - saves a shield

Is this table right?