Lame Season 2 mission rewards

I would like to propose better rewards for new season missions. Except for completition, which is good, there are two for avatars and only one for only 5 gems. I would like propose some better stuff - like epic hero token or 30 atlantis coins or MORE gems. It takes a lot of energy to complete them, so reward it accordingly please.

Hello all

Mission rewards involve a lot of time and effort to complete taking in some cases weeks to months.
Based on that I thought before (for example ) getting 10 gems for completing 80m was a joke but now I’m seeing new offers rewarding avatars.

And then there’s the season 2 completing rewards which is also a joke for putting so much effort.

How many avatars does a person need for 1.

Why not reward ascension items especially for completing a whole season, at least players would look forward to getting them and it would show some sort of APPRECIATION from you guys SG to the players that spend money and time and make it possible for you further this games advancements in the future.

Small appreciations go a long way, show APPRECIATION with crap gets you nowhere.



Sorry guys I didn’t see this post before placing mine, maybe a medi coukd join then into one.


@Rook or @Coppersky - a merge request for you if you please.


Cheers @Rook:innocent:

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Merged. Happy posting, y’all! :grin:


If you find then missions lame then dont do them, they are not mandatory to do for playing then game.


Well I do not, but I would for a proper reward.

Old missions are also ridiculous. I just got kill titans V. Kill 500 titans, we are talking here one and a half years, if every single titan is killed, and the reward? 30 diamonds, not even 1/3rd of the cost of filled world energy. SG makes Scrooge look like a big spender!
Hey, there is an idea, SG can mean Stingy Guys

Missions, we want rewards of loot, gems or tokens not just an Avatar… Also if you create a mission not so high to compete when you don’t offer the special battle but in 3 providence. Help us get rare loot ;roots, nuggets and other’s. We have been playing for 2 years, need special rewards more… Especially Tarbards

Season 2 normal rewards

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Yeah this one is very good and even better on hard mode. But you dont know till you make it (or read it here). But the rest could be better…

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I think the level up rewards could use a bit of a buff. Even if it’s just certain levels, like 25/50/75? I mean that normal summons token, 10 gems and maybe a few more rosters spots are nice and all but come on? How about throwing an EHT or ETT in there at least??

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