Laggy game play after bringing the app back to the foreground

When I first open Empires and Puzzles, the game is very smooth. For example, panning my base around to look at all the different buildings is buttery smooth… no stutter. However, when I send the app to the background – to check Line, send a text, etc. – and then come back to the game, the game performance degrades. Panning my base around now has a noticeable stutter to it. No amount of time resolves it and the only issue is to close the app completely and reopen.

Does anyone else notice this?

iPhone Xs Max with latest iOS 12.4 update.

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Same here with me. Exactly the same. It appeared since the last update. I’m using an android version.

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Are you running the most recent version of the game? (i’m assuming yes)…

I noticed that too, especially when doing titan attacks…

Haven’t noticed any problems with have performance. Android, Xiaomi Mi8

Yes. Latest version.

Also, this isn’t something that just started with the latest update. I’ve noticed this behavior for a long time.

It will be helpful to report it so that SG is aware of it too. :wink:

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