Laggy devana

I thought they solved this issue already. Why is she taking like 1 million years just to deal damage to the enemy?


I’ve noticed this too. Quintin has the same issue. A small delay after the animation stop and the damage dealt.

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Yes very annoying especially if she kills the one you have targeted and you don’t realize and fire another person without setting a target. The second person hits a random enemy which has caused me to lose the battle.

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Yes, this is a trivial matter, but it’s frustrating enough.
On the other hand, Goseck’s skill has no special animation and attacks everyone in an instant, so I personally like it.

It has been resolved already, well for me. Some accounts still have that lag?

The lag feels slower for me, but the “pow” effect is still a little before the damage is applied.

They fixed Ludwig’s animation, too (at the price of breaking Francine’s).

The update has fixed the small delay. Devana 's damage appears faster now.

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