Lagging hero pics on cards 3, 4 and 5 star

In 61.0.2.

When you click on 1 or 2 star hero the whole card appears immediately.

Heros 3, 4 and 5 star, the art work is now following anything from 0.5 sec to 2 secs behind. You get card and stats, then hero picture lags behind. Just started happening and makes a big difference if checking out enemy stats in a battle.

Same if changing costume.

It’s like the hero description text and stats is cached locally but the picture is on some slow server elsewhere.

It is annoying.

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There are a lot of graphic glitches in the game lately. Sections of the stronghold show up white. Heroes show up blurred in the portals. I have had a few instances where my avatar in the top left corner was blurred beyond recognition. Generally a force quit and reload fixes it for me.

It would be nice if that wasn’t required though.

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