Lag in Titan battles

There has been massive lag in Titan battles after recent update. My connection is strong and have no lag in any other battles except the Titan. This needs to be fixed because I’m unable to get the hits in before time expires

I’m not sure what is causing your issue… The only similar FAQ given deals with game crashes:

Такая же проблема. По логам титана. Время атак игроков не правильно учитывается.

First, I would advise you to completely turn your phone off (wait 30 seconds), then on again. Has that fixed the error?

Secondly, if this doesn’t work, ask for help from Game Center (their form is in English):

Во-первых, я бы посоветовал полностью выключить телефон (подождите 30 секунд), затем снова включить. Это исправило ошибку?

Во-вторых, если это не работает, обратитесь за помощью
из Game Center (их форма написана на английском языке)

Any battle or Titan i face it keeps lagging I’ve spent a lot off money on this game and it’s becoming a bit of a joke with this problem how are you going to solve it or i want my money back

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