🐰 Lady Woolerton – 4* Holy/Yellow from Springvale

I’ve had proteus forever, never realizing how awesome he really is!? Embarrassing! I will NOT make that same embarrassing mistake with my Lady Woolerton! Lol… Both are Awesome!
Anything helpful on this subject would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou…

Hey @TheeUnburnt, I’ve shifted your thread to a master discussion on Lady Woolerton :slight_smile: plenty of good discussion above.

Combined with a pair of Jackals, Mist and Malosi, Wooly gives you a predominantly 4* ultra fast assassin squad. It may be my best anti-Telly team at the moment - and if not best, it’s very close to my North/Telly/Eve/Lianna/Kingston group which is a LOT more heavyweights, and that’s pretty amazing for A 4* dominated attack squad.

Wooly makes it possible for them to hang with the heavy slashes and inevitable hit or two that are incoming.

And I’ve only got her at 4/60 so far - once she gets emblemed it will be even better.


@zephyr1 thanks as always for the work up. Just wanted to point out that her name, in all of the polls, is misspelled. You’ve got Wollerton for some odd reason. Hope I’m not a @&$* for pointing that out😬


Well, I didn’t make any of the polls, so it doesn’t bother me. :rofl:

@Guvnor FYI


Ha! My bad! Looked at the OP. Perhaps you should have done the polls then?


Eh copy-paste issues. Should be fixed now.


LW is getting a lot of good cred so now I’m wondering about another hero who came out after her. Gullinbursti…


How do you think LW compares to Gullin? I’ve heard good and bad things about her, Gullin, and mostly good about LW. What do you think?

They fill different roles.

Woolerton is faster and does a direct heal + has a pretty high attack stat. You can get around the mana freeze with cleric emblems which give her 30% chance of resisting.

Gullinbursti on the other hand does boosting (for less health typically) at a slower rate…

For me:

  • Woolerton better in most places (raids, titans and wars)
  • Gullinbursti better in buff booster or rush attack Tournaments

@Guvnor Still trying to decide: Would you explain why Gulli is better in rush attacks and buff booster tournaments, please? Thanx :hugs:

Gulli in very fast, you can imagine, I already have great success result last time even he is not maxxed yet.
Buff boster because Gulli give buff to allies which is a plus bonus for buff booster.
Each one buff (any buff) get bonus +att buff.


I just used her in a Titan battle and can confirm her mana shield cancelled out her two turn mana block … nice!


At +15 it’s actually a 35% chance :slight_smile:

Just beefed mine up to go in the corner for the next war

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What emblem path works best for woolerton,
Shield or heath?

I would go anyway, despite her being a healer, with defense>health>attack.
Defense is almost always far more efficient than health. IMHO obviously.

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Just commenting to agree with @kyle1893


I was wondering that myself and had not tried but I thought it might work.

This is my Lady Baaa!

I took her emblem path on a balanced way… def=health>attack…

She is sturdy enough to survive a direct sniper hit even against 4700 teams in war…(i usually fight 4400+ teams) Probably not a Lianna’s but she did survive Fenrir’s in the most recent war…


Shouldn’t you have muttoned her up? :laughing:


I got a 2nd one this year. The first one isn’t max emblemed yet, since i am trying to max my White Rabbit.

I want opinions from people who already have/had two and what they did with them.

OT, funny thing is i am running 3 accounts and i started noticing an annoying occurence.

I see lots of repeating pulls on every account.

One account has pulled 2 Agwes and 2 costumed Joons, while the others have none.

The 2nd account has 2 Woolertons, but the others none.

The 3rd account has pulled 3x Squire Wabbits, but the others none.

I have many more examples but i decided to post just one for each account.

I suppose it’s just RNG, but the occurence has started to stack a lot and i was wondering whether that happens to other multi-account players.

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