Lady of the Lake... Is she worse than Telluria? (MANA SKILL)

Lady of the Lake feels O.P & needs to be nerfed. That mana drain is annoying as h*** & yes I had to say it since everyone is bothered about Telluria cuz her mana skill keeps getting messed with… :laughing:


She is a slow hero and her skills are perfectly justified. I don’t believe she deserves any nerf at all.

I don’t have her, had many wars against her/vela combination and my win rate against Lady is way way higher than Telluria.


LoL is slow and almost none have her. Telluria’s scourge comes from her average speed and the fact that she’s “one dime a dosen”, everybody has her.


I agree in the sense that I prefer facing Telly to LotL. However, LotL both slow and squishy, so she can be played around much easier.

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I agree that if LotL goes off, it is worse than if Telly goes off.

But as others have mentioned, slow vs average can be a big difference. Her relative squishy ness helps too :slight_smile:

That said, given the choice I choose to run against Telly between the two. The devil you know and whatnot. I’ve only fought Lady a few times and she’s boned me real hard on more than one occasion :rofl:


Same… :laughing: she can be a nuisance…

I have both with 20 emblems and use her on defense. She’s not as good but I like giving ppl an alternative to tell defenses. She really shines on boss battles.


Couldn’t put Aife or Norns in there for us, could ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That she does. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would also agree with others about (not) my Lady being a nuisance to go up against. If she fires her special several times in quick succession and those sword minions chip away at your mana, she can really punish you.

OMG I faced a LoTL tank in this week’s Rush Attack tourney. At Very Fast she was devastating!

But do I think every above-average hero needs a nerf? Heck, no, that would be really boring.


I don’t think it’s a fair comparison as many people have Telly and far fewer have Lady :slight_smile:

Thought of the day, how cool would it be to see stat numbers about how many of each hero were in existence or active use?

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I bet if you had her you would not want her nerfed.

Lady of the Lake is not a good tank, ok there are a lot of slow tanks but this hero is quite squishy, and her minions too. She’s far better as a flank to sustain a true tank (that’s how I use her and that works pretty well in defense).

What is you tank if I can ask you?

Lady of the Lake is not OP and she is RARE hero from event. How many Lady of the Lake do you see in TOP 100 now? And how many Telluria’s?

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I use Guinevere, to stack mana cutting.

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LotL is just fine as she is. Annoying, yes, more difficult only at higher Talent Levels, but so are all the other tanks, Telly or not. She’s more suited to an offensive team but does good on defense too. Heimdall is a more difficult than she is. Can’t nerf every hero just because…

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I had her. She got ate by accident, but I already have Evelyn. Kingston. Alberich. Mother North. Zocc. Telluria. Ratatoskr. Tarlak. Maxed & Lianna. Margaret. Lady Locke. Gregorian. Kadilen. Yunan. Elkanen. Horghall on 3/70… Saving my mats for Heimdall or see what green hero academy throws at me, but I think I have all green hotm’s… I mean. Unless it gives me LOTL again which I doubt I’d ascend her :laughing: She’s annoying, but not worth the max.

Actually people took it more serious than I did… Yes that mana drain is crazy if she’s not stopped, but what I meant is in MANA SKILL COMPARISON she’s worse than Telluria’s…

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