Lady Of The Lake bug?

Does the lady of the lake heal is suppose to remove ailments from all allies?..because if it doesnt…it just did it

Nope. No cleanse on her card.

Are you sure that:
a) there wasn’t another cleanser on the other team
B) the status ailments didn’t just time out

Telluria fired…then LoTL fired and cleansed…I’m sure of it as my mouth dropped wide opened when it happened and I immediately clicked on LoTL to read her card and was very upset that I ended up losing that match because of it

You might encounter lady locke that can cleanse, not lady of the lake.

They are both green, and sharing the same name of LADY

Check back on ur stronghold to see the record which lady you really fought?

There is no confusion…it was her

Then that might be bug if u 100% sure

I have lotl and use her and she does not cleanse. It may be that the ailment(s) had run their course at the end of the turn which ended after lotl fired…

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