Lady Marjana

The purpose of this topic is to remind the people who run this game, that they made the most beautiful creature in it, and that they completely neglected it after that. Absolutely no change from the beginning. I was hoping that these costumes would apply things, but it didn’t happen. and I’m sure the vast majority of players adore that hero. Basically, as someone who has no luck in this game, the only reason I still play is her. Just do something like with the Sartana. Remove fire damage, increase critical, and add a link. A lot of people would be grateful. Thanks in advance. And yes, I want that costume when it comes out. :wink:

Well you’ll have to wait, but Marjanas costume will very likely be introduced with the 3rd round of costumes.


I’m really not that impressed with Sartana’s costume tbh – yes her skill supposedly hits harder but her stats became even more defensive which just baffled me :confused: default Sartana with costume bonus was better during my testing.

I’m personally hoping for Marjana costume to get more offensive stats.


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