Lady Loki Special Skill description in Portuguese is wrong and misleading

There’s an huge mistake on translation of Lady Loky Special Skill…
In Portuguese the card says she takes all “UNdispelllable status ailments”

Quoting the card in Portuguese:
Remove todos os reforços que não podem ser dissipados(…)

And it should say
Remove todos os reforços que podem ser dissipados.

This is causing many PPL to hate the hero or just putting her in lowest priority.


Other heroes also have the wrong translated ability and a long time ago, like the Hatter. SG probably translates that game with Google translate.


A tradução e pt br esta correta da carta? No forum esta diferente o que ele faz.??

No it isn’t.

@Guvnor merge?

Ela remove os males de estado que podem ser dissipados e não os que não podem ser dissipados

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Então esta errado mesmo

I’d like to contact the SG Team to notify a translation error in the portuguese version of the special skill from the new 3rd season hero LADY LOKI. In our version of her special skill it’s saying (translating to english) “remove all UNDISPELLABLE buff from all allies and allocates them to random enemies” … The correct effect is “remoe all dispellable status ailments”. NOT ‘‘undispellable’’ … and NOT “buff”. Brazillian people who don’t know which is the true special skill of her will not interest to summmon if they see her with the WRONG special skill.

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There’s already a thread on this topic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report and my apologies for the issue. We are currently investigating and try to fix this translation issue as soon as possible!

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This issue should be now fixed!


@Petri I request to open this again, because after V31 update the translation is wrong again…
it says again in portuguese remove undispelable status ailments…

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