📯 Lady Loki – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

In wars I run mono so my team config is different. But for raids (and tournies where applicable) I run tihs setup and I while it is most certainly for fun it is also the team I play with more than 50% of my E&P life and so it is also very much practrical

That’s true for norse mythology, but in Empires and Puzzles, Lady Loki is clearly supposed to be female. Lord Loki (male) is currently in beta and will be released in the next couple of months.

E&P will have two Lokis, one female and one male, who look very similar since they’re supposed to be the same character. For what’s it worth, Bera was originally called Salmon Loki to cover all their bases as far as mythology is concerned.

Is it normal that lady loki can miss if she gets blind by justice or drake ?
she is supposed to clean and distribute the status ailments first and then attack, cant understand how she can miss

I’ve noticed that too and it’s rather irritating. It doesn’t follow with the standard way skills trigger.

i think its a bug, it needs to be fixed

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Ok so its not a bug fine
She can miss when reallocating status, but after that she is supposed to be cleaned
So she shouldnt miss on her hit damage, why she miss both reallocating status and her hits ?

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Unconfirmed if a bug or not. Staff haven’t updated.

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Just pulled her looking for gefjon, I roll with Zim, JF, Mitsuko, Chef BT and Malosi. Seems a bit like cleanse over kill.

Who would you take out of my lineup for LL?

actually no one, they are better use than lady loki
her special is so meh if you dont have like 15 cleanses, deal only about 200 dmg,even with 15 cleanses it barely does 300 dmg and cast the status effect for only 1 turn most of time
malosi’s block is moe usefull, mitsuko reflect on blue is killer skill, zim cleanse at fast, BT heals, gefjon can one shot they are much better together
keep lody loki for a second red team

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I don’t agree with this at all. She is an absolute game changer. The initial hit is not the major impact - it is the DOTs. If you get 2 DOTs going at the same time you are pretty much guaranteed a win (think GM or JF and Vela).

If you throw back Vela that is 10 effects which is a considerable up-front hit, but it also has the very helpful cleanse of attack down plus putting attack down on the enemy.

She is more impactful than both JF and Malosi, so I would take out either of those. I paired her with Grazul but have now moved out Grazul in favour of Gefjon. But the staggered block/throw back was very effective. I also have C RIg as a backup cleanser. So I think she would work very well with Zim, and BT’s heal

This is where strategy comes in. Time your specials, aim your tiles. And you will avoid having minimal DOTs, with minmal duration

And even if the era of GTV is going (which I am not convinced is the case, given the number I still see around) as long as you see these guys Lady Loki will be very useful to you - Kunchen, C Viv, JF, Isarnia, Azlar, C Magni, White Rabbit, Drake (ish - cleanses but the blind affects her special), Clarissa, Zeline, C Quintus, Tiburkiss, Finley, Richard, Frida, any of the sand heroes, not to mention the many single hitters with ailments/dots


She is a beast on attack, my fav hero while attacking. I am going to ascend the second lady loki. She is a beast.

Cleansing - Damage to All and throwing back all those status alignments is game changer on attack…


I like this! BTW, is she cross-eyed in the pic? She definitely looks it!

Just got her. Does she work on Def?

Got Lady Loki… Now I have dilemma: was going to level Guardian Kong because he hits hard and cleanse, now this lady can also do that, in some circumstances. Should I give her a priority? :thinking:
She definitely seems like a fun hero to play with.

Not really, because she can fire while there is no status ailments. She’s better in attack, in my opinion. I use her at 3/70 when I need to stack red, with Red Hood, Queen of Hearts and Gefjon (the next red I will max, I need 3 more rings). I usually wait for ailments (like Vela, Telluria or Jean-François), and then launch her. That’s pretty fun to see your ennemies struggling with their own sh*ts.

I have the same dilemma. You shoud level them at 3/70 and then play with them, to see which one you find more useful or fun. That’s how I choose between two heroes.

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Not much of a dilemma. Had the the same choice to make back then. I’ve ascended Loki and I will never regret it. Kong cleanses but Loki cleanses and puts the ■■■■ back to the defense. Every time GM dies with his own fire I laugh. :rofl:


Kong is more of a powerhouse. No gimmicks, just raw power. Lady is towards ultility, and yes she sounds like a lot of fun to use. Against an ailment heavy team, lady would prove more useful as she hits hard and gives an extra layer of support by reflecting all those ailments back. But if you just want to plow through teams, then Kong would be better

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It depends.

Lady loki is like an inverse Hatter. I mean, you have to wait to the exact moment to use her, as her attack is more powerful when there are more ailments to cleanse. If there’s no ailment, her attack is pretty poor.

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