📯 Lady Loki – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I’m really trying to like Lady Loki but I’m just having such a hard time using her. This is largely because I don’t have good red supporting heroes. I want to take at least 2 other red heroes with me when facing the likes of Telluria, but my choices are limited. The only other 5* red hero I have 4/80 is (costumed) Elena, no emblems. I have Azlar, Baldur and Noor, all 3/70 but currently no means to ascend them. Besides, Azlar and Baldur don’t particularly impress or interest me. The only decent red 4* heroes I’ve got are Boldtusk and Wilbur, but they’re very vulnerable in the Diamond arena. I’ve experimented with C Elena - Lady Loki - Wilbur (and two other-coloured heroes, depending on my opponent) but the results were quite disastrous. C Elena just has no place in an offensive team, especially because of her slow speed.

I’ll experiment with Lady Loki - Wilbur - Boldtusk next. Not a big fan of bringing two 4* heroes to the Diamond arena but it’s the best I have for now. I’m hoping on better results. Any tips on what type of support heroes to bring are welcome :slight_smile:

I am very successfully running Lady Loki, Grazul and Noor as my reds, with C Rigard and Proteus as my off colors. You don’t have Grazul which makes it trickier, but potentially BT could semi fill the role (especially if you have his costume). Otherwise, do you have Malosi?

if her name is Lady Loki, and even has boobs, why is some of participants still calling she(he)? i think it s obvious. it s Lady not Lord Loki…

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Does anyone think that the animation for Ladi Loki’s ability takes too much time to cast? For example, some times I don’t even use it when fighting titans, because:

  1. takes a long time to cast
  2. the screen is barely visible, and you lost time attacking the titan
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I haven’t tried her against a titan yet - but your comment triggered a memory that some titans give quite a large DOT. Is it worth including her in order to be able to throw that DOT back?

Sounds like most special skills on legendary heroes :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an entire request thread dedicated to the topic: Add Option to Disable Hero Animations During Titan Attacks and Raids, or Make the Animations Faster / Allow Continuing Attacks During Titan Attack Animations or Speed Them Up [MASTER]

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t say that L-Loki is one of the worst ones out there… there are some hereos who are far worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Ariel seems to be the slowest to me for whatever reason…

Have a look at this video to see Lady Loki, Noor & Grazul in play

Ill have a look to see if I have any examples that really showcase Lady Loki. But this one highlights how well these work together:

  • Lady Loki throws back Vela attack, attack debuffing enemy
  • Noor’s minions created with Noor buff
  • Grazul triggered

As a result of the above Noor’s red minions survive a GM, Vela and Ursena special (ongoing DOTs blocked by Grazul).

I try to time Lady Loki to fire when both Tel flanks (ideally GM or JF & Vel) fire, which results in a double DOT on the enemy that really does some substantial damage, especially if I can fire off Proteus (also in my team) to poison at the same time

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@Homaclese Excellent video! Grazul and Lady Loki were huge in the battle! I’m not sure how Noor aided in the battle? In this example, the battle was basically decided by the time Noor fired. I wonder if Skadi would have served better use? I have Grazul, Lady Loki and Noor (and Skadi). I’m holding out on Noor for now. I’ll work on her after I finish Grazul, Lady Loki and Mitsuko.

This was not a match where Noor had a deciding role. Having said that, had the damage from Vela, GM, Ursena and Joon not been soaked up by minions, I don’t know if the tide could have been turned. I recorded the video to showcase how tough the minions were (with buff and debuff) but it does show Lady Loki’s potential and to some extent how well the heroes work together.

A fairly typical flow of the game would be that Grazul blocks the first round of DOTs/ailments, allowing LL to charge up and throw back the second wave, with Grazul charged up to block the next one coming after that…

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Definitely! 20 characters

@Homaclese @JAWS1 I have to disagree on your team make up.

Grazul is NOT a good team with L Loki.
In most cases, she fires first and blocks the ailments which cripples L Loki.

In your video, the same can be said for rigard and proteus too.
Rigard cleanse will neuter L Loki.
Proteus mana block will hamper L Loki.
Idc to even discus MaNoor, she’s cow dung.

Sorry it’s not a personal attack on you, simply think that team is redundant or overwriting SS.

I mention this because I’m trying to find a good 3-2 team for L Loki myself.

Besides Grazul, I realize she’s not good with Zim (same reasons as Rigard or any other cleanser)
She’s not good with QoH nor BK, reduces the number of heroes that get ailments.

So my team 1 is Mits GM and Grazul.

Team 2 is Zim Tyr and JF.

BK is usually a one off with Sif and holy stack.

So then who do I pair L Loki with???

My other reds at 3/70 are dupes Grazul, Mits, Zim.

Do I ascend Marj, PiB or Ares?

Is JF a good tandem for L Loki?


This is interesting, I avoided this thread because I would have been more sad having chased her when she was featured and getting reamed.

If you were to pair with Freya, besides the minions, will the defense buff lessen the ailments received? And subsequently, when thrown back to random opponents, it too will be a weakened ailments?

I believe so - I think whatever you throw back is whatever your team is experiencing.
The vela buff/nerf is a weird one for Lady Loki. She now throws back the attack debuff to all, but the actual DOT is less.

I most strongly disagree.

The only scenario where you are right is where I have access to unlimited tiles of all colours - in which case I don’t care if my specials interfere with each other, I will win regardless.

What my team gives me are a number of options depending on the tiles, my hero health, and the enemies charging.

Typically LL is not ready to fire by the time the first wave of DOTs come. That is where Grazul comes in, she blocks the first round. LL throws back the next round. At times I have both ready and I can decide which to use for who. Sometimes I need Grazul’s heal immediately, sometimes I want a guaranteed block, sometimes I am ok to gamble a bit and hope I can charge up LL. If the enemy has 4 DOT dealers then LL is unlikely to catch all, so she can share the workload with Grazul.

Similarly C Rig and Proteus give me a number of off color options. I will not cleanse with C Rig if I have LL ready to fire, unless I am desperate for health. So I will hold him off until LL fires and will use him for his healing straight after, or alternatively I can use him for his attack buff if I think it will kill off an enemy. I will try to use Proteus on non DOTs so that LL can throw back the DOT damage.

HOLDING OFF/TIMING specials is a key part of getting the most effective use out of them, particularly when they are not all clear-cut, simple damage dealing specials.

Noor provides background surivability for all, and is effective at it.

Because I have so many heal, cleanse and mana control options I find I can mitigate poor and average boards a lot of the time. This is absolutely necessary for me when going up against high level GTVs. I know how effective it is because I play 15-20 raids with this team daily, and I am around 80% in win rate


Sure the boards are random along with the combos so in many situations, some of the redundant SS can be helpful.

I usually bring one primary healer and a back up HoT healer so I can see the merit but idk if my heroes will be able to survive the first onslaught of ailments, let alone a second round.

If Grazul blocks the first wave, I’d expect LL to be fairly close to fully charged as well.

Maybe troops have a bigger impact on the timing but the fact Grazul is VF means she can use your secondary lvl11 m as na and still charge on 2 3 tile matches.

Primary mana troops on LL so that she should be able to fire on the next red match.

As for rigard, LL skill is a cleanse so I’m sure there are better synergy options.

My LL is still at 10 tiles, I don’t have a higher level troop. So there is a decent enough gap between the 2 being able to charge. And if I have enough tiles… then I just hold off on Grazul, use LL, and fire Grazul after LL to get the heatlh or keep holding her in case I need to block the next round and LL is not charged again.

Similarly, having C Rig as a attack boost/heal/cleanse option is very useful. I may not have Grazul available to block and LL available to cleanse, so his cleanse is still used very often. I just need to make sure I don’t cleanse him prior to using her special

Options and flexibility is what this team config is about.

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Grazul and LL together are great. You definitely have to time it correctly and there are times where they conflict but that’s far outweighed by the times you need them separately imo

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In answer to your original question it probably depends how safe/defensive/battle of attrition you want to go. I think Zim would be great with her as an extra cleanse and minor heal option would help with your survivability. Zim and grazul are ideal.

Qoh or bk could both work it would just mean you hold off one or the other for a period of time.

Imo tyr is weak and wouldnt synergise with the team you are trying to set up

Gm is ok but his dot wont stack if you throw back an opponents burn

Jf has the same dot issue but there is one use case where it would work well. Charge them both up and fire jf just before a d down attack. Then use lady loki. You get the benefit of the defense up plus you get cleansed plus the opponent gets the d down and any other dots and ailments.

No to marjana snipers are just not a good fit for a strategic hero like this.

Pib may work well he is a decent support hero

I think ares is a better fit for a mono team

Just finished Lady Loki and have a good pile of fighter emblems. Any advice on talent tree?