Lady Loki misses while blinded!

Hey all! My Lady Loki misses sometimes if blinded. But in skill description it says, first transfers all negative ailments to opponents, afterwards makes damage. So she does not transfer the blindness to opponents, and also misses damage! I think this is a bug???
Best regards, Liza!

Sadly, it is a known bug that dates back from its release and has yet to be fixed, despite SG’s assurances it would be by v35, and now supposedly it should be fixed in v36 (although SG has lost my trust for this):


SG staff should just be upfront about currently known bugs and issue some form of official list with resolution timeline.

At least those who have them can refer to that list and see if they still want to level up that hero or level up someone else first. What’s the point of levelling up a defective hero, AMs are in short supply.

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