Lady Loki Grazul synergies vs Telluria

A couple of videos I recorded using my main raiding team that I take against GTV and any similar DOT/ailment config teams. It has roughly an 80% winning record against these types of teams in the 4500 to 4700 TP range. I typically don’t go over or under that range unless the resource reward is worth it.

A few things that can be taken away from these videos, or possibly none, depending on whoever is watching:

  • One implementation of an attrition-style/support-heavy configuration that is highly effective against GTV-style teams
  • Synergies between heroes that would look like they conflict on paper but when sequenced and timed correctly work very well. Particularly Grazul and Lady Loki but also C Rigard and Proteus
  • A style of board manipulation which looks to set up specials/future tiles rather than immediate matching/taking out the tank as quickly as possible
  • A showcase of Lady Loki’s abilities
  • Demonstrate that boards aren’t rigged and SG is not out to get you