Lady Loki BT or Magni? Emblem distribution help?

Emblem distribution help? Lady loki, BT, magni

Have BT maxed and Lady Loki at 4-76 and magni at 4-45. I have 647 current fighter emblems after resetting BT.

Who should get emblems and if you have advice on path to take I’m all ears.

Lady Loki is definitely situational but I play her more than BT and she’s awesome against status ailments if I can get her to fire and stay alive.

In my honest opinion, you should focus your distribution of emblems on the heroes you use most to match your play style


Thanks JGE I definitely like this philosophy. I have more fun w LL.

Same conundrum between Bera and Clarissa for mats. That said w this philosophy I enjoy Bera a million times more and only use Clarissa for my 2nd or 3rd strongest war team.

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I faced this dilemma before eventually stripping Vela in order to emblem up Noor, because I use Noor in 15ish raids daily and virutally on all PVE non-farming levels.
There were arguments against doing this (some valid) but I ultimately went with the enjoyment factor. However another valid aspect of it is that the stronger you make your most used heroes the more daily loot you will gain from raid chests, a subset of raid tournies, challenge events, titans (if you use the hero). This leads to more heroes and more ascension mats and more emblems which feeds back into increasing your overall strength, including your war bench and war defense. So by making your dailies stronger you make every other aspect of your game stronger

To add to this - Lady Loki is close to being the best hero you can have at the moment with so many DOT and ailment inflicing heroes in high diamond. I have been embleming mine on the attack path but half way through I may switch to defense. She is already very bulky but she is such a critical hero that increasing her survivability may result in some matches being able to be turned around (especially if you have minion or heal support heroes to bring her back from the brink). Attack will make her special stronger obviously, and although the bulk of her damage comes from DOT reversals, the attack boost to the initial damage can still be noticable. I really don’t think there is a way to go wrong here.


I stripped emblems from BT and put them on Magni. Magni (especially costumed) is much stronger now but I regret this decision a bit, as I use BT much more often than him, believe it or not. At least until I max some other legendary.

I got excited this Valhalla when I pulled my second BT. I desperately needed one for my second red war team.

Hero usefulness is entirely situational. Until GTV I had no need nor love for BT and used a number of other heroes in his place. I even fed off my 2nd (and I think) 3rd ones. However a red healer is pretty much worth his weight in gold now, at least while Tel remains prevalent. Or until I learn how to not play mono in wars…

Blues on the other hand are worth their weight in lead. I have spare telescopes and a number of decent options like (non-costume) Magni. But in order to ascend a blue now it would have to be a game changer like Skadi. A blue sniper just won’t get much play time with me at the moment. I do have one blue mono team that I use in wars but that is lead by Frida who is a game changer and that team works well very well against passive tanks, somewhat less so against Tel and non-passive tanks

My philosophy is to put some emblems on crucial 4* heros, for them to be more competitive in 5* world. Current limit is 11 nodes, Boldtusk is there (and other healers like Rigard, Melendor, Sabina, Kiril). After that embleming 5* because they are usually more survivable by design. One day when my roster is packed with legendary heros I may decide to strip some of 4* that I don’t use that often.

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Also true…that was crucial when I was trying to form a deep war bench. You get so much overall bang for your buck if you spread your emblems on 4s. That makes you a hell of a lot more competitive in wars than by focusing on a few 5s. Luckily I’m at a point now where I dont need to do that any more and have the luxiry of stripping my decommissioned 4s in favor of my often used 5s

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Being all fighter you should put some emblems in all of them. If you use them regularly.