Lady loki and Miki’s special

Every time i go against Miki with my Lady Loki this happens: Miki casts at my allies 3 silences, i fire Lady Loki and she only returns 1 silence Back at the enemy. This never happens against other heroes like Hel or Vela or GM or lady Loke etc. Only against Miki every time. Is this a bug or is there an explanation?

Have a look at this

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Miki has an innate ability to resist silences.

If Miki is allocated one of the “silences” he will resist it.

You are right about that, and i am well aware of that too. I can see when it is being transferred at Miki because a message shows up which says resist. If it hits Miki no other enemy gets it. If it doesn’t hit Miki only one enemy gets it. Should be 3 thought

I have a video but don’t know if I can upload it.

You can use YouTube. I had to upload a video and couldn’t use the forum, I needes to upload it on YouTube.

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There will only be as many effects transferred as are on your heroes at the time of casting.

If Miki only targetted 2x of your heroes, there are only 2 ailments to transfer. Thus if Miki resists one, there is only 1 remaining.

As Nexus said, the forum doesn’t support video uploads so you have to upload to another video hosting site (such as youtube, Google drive etc…) and then share it here.

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