Lady Locke's special just hit me for 1228 damage over 3 turns in the Pirate event

Forgot to add antidotes to my available battle items the first time I did event 8.

Isn’t her special over 4 turns with increased damage to a total of 869?

Am I wrong?

I took one for the team to demonstrate what I saw.


yes she hurts I admit :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful:

She’s an event boss…
The bosses are adjusted and tweaked to fit the difficulty.

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/note to self

Don’t forget the dang antidotes next time :frowning:

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Yes - the bosses have a significant scale in events - I noticed this with Morgan in Avalon - she was nasty!

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Well, the scale did not translate to Boomer.

Probably because his attack is so low anyways. Both attack stat and special damage are real low.

I don’t understand his stats. He is just terrible at everything.

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Should have tapped on her to see that she does indeed do 2003 dmg over 4 turns in the legendary branch on stage 8


How do I get avalon?

Wait for two more months…

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