Lady Locke's special is reflected

While in raids, Lady Lockes special also reflects on my team causing instant damage to my player(s). Appears to be equal to the total amount of the DoT. Sometimes it does and doesn’t apply to enemy. Seems as though it reflects to the direct opposite player as if they were next to each other on the same side so only one opposing team member gets the DoT and one of my team members gets hit with all of the damage in one hit.

@petri or @sara should look at this. There was a video of a similar problem in the Challenge Event, where boss Locke cast and managed to hit an accompanying minion. To my eye it looked like a weird wrap-around problem, where targeting someone in the left corner wraps over to hit your ally in the left corner.

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Thank you for the information, @BrinyRhino (& @Kerridoc for bringing this to our attention) can you please submit a ticket so that we can get more information on the issue (game version, platform, timeframe).