Lady Locke SS animation wraps around to her allies

I raided a defense today with Lady Locke on the wings and when the AI used her special on one of my corner heroes, the animation would also target one of her allies. The status effect did not stick to her ally, so the issue is purely superficial.

Can you add video or screenshots? This would be helpful in determining if it’s really an issue and should be looked at. Otherwise, it’s as if it didn’t really happen :roll_eyes:

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I do not have any video or picture evidence of the event. I figured posting it here to bring attention to the matter was better than saying nothing at all. I rarely see her in raids, so maybe someone else will have an opportunity to produce said evidence before I do.

Sounds good and, yes, I’m sure someone will start hunting Locke soon. :rofl:

Around 2:25 Locke fires. The animation is over one of her allies, though there are no lasting effects.

Theres no issue there. She was dispelling some type of ailment from her ally that’s why it clouds over her teammate. And the green skull is her special skill on your team… issue solved

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