Lady Locke special attack is bugged


Lady Locke is supposed to do damage over time which increases with each round, however if you use her special attack again before the damage completes it resets and starts the damage timer all over which negates the higher damage round from the initial special attack. For a skill that it already very situational and weak, it should stack damage rather than reset damage. Alternatively the initial damage should be larger and then decrease over time so that overrides are still beneficial.


All repeated specials work this way


That’s working as intended. Specials of the same variety cancel each other out. Try not firing her until it’s up :slight_smile:


So, if you wanna use it to heal you have to reset the damage?



I’m not aware of any other hero’s with both a cleansing effect and an elevated DoT. With her reset effect she becomes so situational to the point of near uselessness. Useless in Titan fights as you have to hold your attacks or reset damage even if you need to use it to remove debuffs. Also near useless in a defense team where you have no control over how often the character uses their special.

Hopefully the devs will reevaluate and make some tweaks. Even if you don’t stack the damage, just change the larger damager to be upfront.


Athena works the same way, as does Brienne. A new cast will not just refresh the duration but also reset the bonus/penalty. I wouldn’t say this is a bug, it is just how the mechanic works. What the devs intended is unknown.

You could of course try to suggest a change, but I think it is ok how it is.


Just cast it on the other flank, or just wait a turn or two on dispelling the status effect.

The only thing I agree is situational about Locke is that I’d use her in the vast majority of raid attacks but not likely titans unless I had nothing better (which may be the case with green): that ability is money.

She was the one hero I really wanted out of this event; ah well, I have an abundance of trap tools and hardly any shields so maybe it’s for the best to be building Rigard instead.


Thanks guys, I agree that she is viable for Raid attacks but as a player that is so situational I would have saved the gems and waited for a better player. Critical information such as “Note: EFFECT DOESNT STACK” should be posted in advance so that players can make a more informed choice with their gems. Then again if the plan is to get folks to endlessly waste gems, being as vague as possible is probably the best tactic…

I’m still new to the game, only been around a week, but with Locke being my only 5* Im relatively disappointed with such a glaring “intended” effect that not only makes her situational but amazingly weak compared to other 5*.


I mean no disparagement but as an admitted new player you may wish to experiment more before kicking her to the curb.

I’m a moderately sophisticated player when it comes to raid strategy: Locke would’ve been an amazing pull for me with how the raid mechanics are designed.

I agree it’s not a skill that you can just mindlessly mash, but I’d make the argument there isn’t any such animal in the game for raiding anyway: timing is clutch with all of them, and that’s not always first available turn. I just don’t understand the amazingly weak comment, what are you comparing her to and how far is she developed as SL matters a lot for that skill as I understand it?

General raid attacking I don’t see how she’s worse than top 3 greens in any situation, and possibly #1 in some though Lianna is Lianna.

Locke is an amazing pull, even has a place in tile damage strategies with one of the highest attacks in the game at level 80.


Every hero in the game is situationally useless.

Even what I could call crappy heroes, like Horghall and Quintus, at level 80, are something to be feared. So… meh.

Athena’s debuff would be wiped if you re applied it, but she is the most influential hero in the game at the moment (in terms of titan damage). Besides, there are plenty of times down the road that other, newer mechanics will cause her to suddenly become a great deal more powerful.

So until then. Congratulations on getting her.