Lady Locke skill miss unpredictably

Since the last update 25.01 I’m noticing a lot of bugs. I don’t mind the ursena bugs. It’s nice that she bypasses yellow specials before she fires the first time.

But it’s irritating when I miss when I don’t have a blind ailment or a gamblers chance of missing. It’s not fun for lady Locke to miss unpredictably.

I’m also seeing bypass on the first two rounds of a battle before either side has fired a special.

Thanks for fixing Ursena she’s great now.

Edited for clarification

Your target was probably a monk class hero. The monk class is resistant to all status ailments. The moonlight serenade is a status ailment.

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Would it say “miss”.


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No, it wouldn’t.

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Ok thanks, I had never seen it before it’s like drakes blind was in effect but not showing as an ailment on my hero.

It say “Withstand”…


When it says “Bypassed” i think its the the ranger class effect pierce going through the defensive buffs.

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I’ll watch closely for the bypass, I think it’s an Ursena bug. My team is not getting yellow damage even when reflect is not in effect.

The Lady Locke miss was against a Mitsuko team.

You may start recording as well and delete after (if not happened). It would be very useful. I don’t have her, unfortunately.

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I will. I record occasionally . I’ll try to catch it

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I have locke

She’s not ranger so shouldn’t be piercing through anything

If a rogue dodges her ailment, it says dodge
Monk talent will say withstand
Aeron or grazul will say resist

Drake, wu, joon, etc blind effects will say miss.

I’ll do some raids with her too to see what i can notice

I did do around 15 raids straight yesterday tryin her out in a new team comp and never did notice her skill missing but i can’t remember if it was before or after i updated to the latest version


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