Lady Locke - Magic Night

I don’t know whether this is a bug or just a quirk of magic night. I use both Lady Locke and Sartana in my attack, both have damage over time effects, but they seem to operate differently on magic night stages. Locke’s concentrates all her damage into 1 move, whereas Sartana only does 1 turns worth of damage (1/6th of her total). Hopefully these images explain it better. Needless to say means Lady Locke is brilliant on magic night stages.

EDIT: On 23-Feb-2020 I noticed the Lady Locke damage on magic night has been changed in one of the updates, she now does the damage of her fourth turn.


Wow looks like a bug. Please report it to the customer support:


Undoubtedly the Lady Locke logic that they have divides the total remaining damage to deal by the number of turns left to figure out how much damage to apply each turn. When Magic Night comes into play, the remaining damage is all of it on the first turn, and there’s only 1 turn left.

Definitely looks like an unintended interaction.


Ok. I’ll do that

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