Lady locke.....Good or not?!?!

So 3 hotms in 1 lineup?

Yea thats pretty doable by a large amount of the population

Depends on how long they have been playing I would guess. But even without a HOTM I would go 4 star with the defense downs or buffs over a high tile attack. I just did 85K damage with an all 4 star team…its the combo that matters.

Idk. I maxed locke but dont have evelyn. And greg isnt maxed. Locke definitely made substantial difference in my titan team. Her DoT does come in handy for attacks as well as her cleanse. Her tile damage even if just doubled up with 1 other green can hurt a blue flank or tank pretty quick

Her DoT doesnt go away when she dies either

I have no complaints bout her

I’m 1 of the few tho i guess


Its all opinion - and that will vary based on play style, existing team and past experiences. I’m not saying anyone is wrong, I’m just saying what it is like for me and why.

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Thanks everyone for the opinions alot to think about here b4 i pull the trigger

Lady Locke is absolutely insane, way better than lianna

With troops youre looking at 1000 damage per enemy

And she cleanses

And she has one of the highest attack stats


Dishing out 3k damage and fast mana AND cleanses… she might be more dangerous than Gravemaker.


Average mana

And thankfully she’s rare as hell

Very underrated hero

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she looks amazing to me. I have her but can’t decide because I’m so undecided on a true tank. She’d be supporting role but if I take kunch and onatel I’d lean Lianna just to have a killer striker. I do have morgan also. Also have hatter but he’s way more situational. Onatel, kunch, santa , are my best defensive. My only 1 5 star team is albi, hel, Ariel , marj, Posiden. Wanted ursela and then I could have thought about taking atomos then. I’m really debating Locke though.

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I loves her, I do …tile, cleanse and she was tweaked at some point to 4 ticks

I Love using her with Hel on offense

Need to pic a sorcerer … have mits, Locke, lol in contention — any suggestions?

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Locke needs the emblems more than mits in my opinion. Increase her durability

Of course assuming you use neither on defense

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She worth it over other greens? I’ll grind out the tonics — but all of the take a backseat to Alby with a jenky troop in a stack :slight_smile:

That’s a tough call

I’m not much into grading/ranking on just a general scale

It would depend on who you already have maxed, both in greens and other colors and who she’s competing with for the tonics

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I like Lady Locke more than every regular green hero except Lianna, although I don’t have her. I think she is very handy in bloody tournaments for her cleanse and she should also help with taking care of riposte heroes. Her DoT is very strong, but rather slow and not so strong in first 2 turns.


Alby and Tarlak — maxed with emblems :; no Evelyn

So green is poo team; has a lot of good hero’s — can hold its own… but no plans to optimize; they’re Titan only

Leaning towards a Sorcerer — I have so much emblem love to give (700++) and Mits is way down on the rings list ( side note — I hate her for no good reason)

Locke, lol, Kingston ( I prefer Alice), Greg, etc — I drag Tarlaks chiseled and sculpted ■■■ everywhere there’s a Titan :slight_smile:

Im mainly picking tile damage — but love the Locke Hel combo… 75o/4 is fun; especially with Kunchen’s slow heal

Also — Just pulled Santa on an EHT binge… if that matters :slight_smile:

When I first got her - I thought she was 6 tics … but she’s 4; which fits into my planned speed… plus I love her cleanse and tile damage with Tarlak and …Margaret

She’s the one to beat — but LoL gets heaps of praise… I’m set on healers got a gaggle of 3/70 Ariels cooking plus others…

I would probly go kingston since you have no maxed snipe in green

But could see how locke makes sense

Think you’ll max both anyways, see no harm in goin locke first

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I wish I had her. Unique skill set and packs a wallop! That DoT has been a real pain to deal with when I’ve fought her in raids. The key to using her is forcing your foe to bring heroes for someone else. Sometimes that means they don’t bring a defender for her. Most times that means someone dies.


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