Lady locke.....Good or not?!?!

So i have lady locke and am about to start leveling a green hero. She is my only 5* green btw. My options are a 2nd melendor, a 2nd caedmon, skittleskull(im short on sorcerers for the trials and will most likely end up maxing skittle eventually for the trials event)… and lady locke.
I do not yet have a full roster of 5s for a Deffense yet so i also want you guys opinions to take this fact into consideration. With these 5s would Lady locke fit into a good deffense team?
s At max are Vivica and Khionna.
Onnatel is at 3.70.
Currently working on santa and leonidis.

SO is lady locke a 5* green i should max or do i need to wait for a other green 5?
For a good deffense team 5*s only. Which would you pick from these heros?
Vivica max
Khionna max
Onnatel 3.70
Aegir 3.70 undecided on maxing him will wait until v20 to see his buff results

Lady Locke isn’t terrible, but there are just so many green 5* heroes that are better: Lianna, Gregorian, Mother North, Alberich, Evelyn, Morgan for examples.


What do you think my chances of pulling one of those 5 greens from TC20 are?

Definitely wait for lianna. Can get her for free from tc20

I love locke

Locke alby and lianna are my only maxed green 5s

Locke has added a substantial amount of tile damage to my blue titan team

Plus her DoT is solid vs HoT heros, riposte heros, and defense buffed heros

The cleanse is nice too

We have more dispellers than cleansers last i checked

I have no regrets of maxing her

But yes if i had zel, she would have got the tonics over locke

She’s also the only good sorcerer that i know of off the top of my head

I had lianna maxed before locke but personally it would have been a coin toss between spendin tonics on 1 or the other, both have a lot to offer but i like locke better for titans personally and that’s usually what sways me one way or the other in tough decisions

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Love her. In my attack team. I have two defense teams, and she has been in one forever. Onatel has her position in the other.

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About 1:100 chance of getting a green five star at TC20. Given there is only one of them you’d really say is superior to lady Locke in a significant way (Lianna) then your chance is around 1:400. If you’re runnng all four TC20s that would take an average of around 200 days. Of course actual results may vary but that is the odds

If you’ve got the mats then I’d probably put lady Locke up. That is the way to guarantee TC20 gives you Lianna the next day :slightly_smiling_face:


Rigs, Mitsuko is a sorceror and she rocks my world. just sayin

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Lady Locke is amazing. No, she may not be as game-breaking as Alberich and Zeline, but she’s still a solid hero nonetheless. Crazy high attack stat and DOT on three. Makes her amazing against blue titans and riposte heroes. Not really a great defensive hero, but an awesome offensive hero. I’d max her, especially if she’s your only green 5* option, for sure.

There are certain heroes where it’s best to wait, while hoping to pull someone better (if you do a lot of pulls or run several TC20s) like Khagan or Thorne, but Lady Locke isn’t one of them. If we didn’t already have so many amazing must-have & max greens, I know we’d see more of her. Personally, I even like her more than Morgan. Plus, she cleanses too; super awesome hero.

So yeah, if you’ve got the mats to ascend Locke, I’d do it. No regrets


It depends on focus i think. In raid defense her dot is so long it will almost never complete. In offense she will work better. Titans too. But the slow DOT isnt optimal. So good but not great in those roles.

But if you are f2p or very c2p, then loche is worth the mats

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dont forget for titans what might suit you better ,
i would personaly go for lady lockness monster she is cool
i am going to start maxing mine up as soon as i have finished of my zel, she is 3 rank levle 65 then after i have maxed zel lockness will be my next green machine she looks sweet,
have you got a kash 4 star maxed up good for wars to ,

To me, it’s the tile damage that’s the winning factor here; her DOT is just icing on the cake. Plus, four turns isn’t all that bad. Throw it on the side you don’t plan on ramming tiles on, and watch them widdle away and die.

I agree, not optimal for defense, but for titans? She’s only second to Tarlak in green tile damage. & For offense during a green stack? Those tiles will kick off some serious power. Plus, DOT can be applied without any downside; no counterattack or other defensive buffs to have to worry about. Yeah, she doesn’t stand up as high when compared to Zeline or Evelyn, but she’s still a top hero. Plus, she’s a sorcerer, and arguably one of the best in that class as well (which there aren’t many).

Agree to disagree. I think Locke is a great hero to max for anyone, f2p all the way to p2w. Tile damage is one of the more important parts of this game [along with synergy] for just about everyone. It’s what gets you the highest scores in events and titans, the two top sources for mats in this game. Honestly, I value high attack stats about as high as important skills (elemental defense down, defense down, etc), and for both to succeed, they both depend on each other. Making Locke even more impressive [in my eyes].

Idk, just my opinion on it though :blush:


Lady Locke is a good hero, but not a great one. If I had to choose between maxing her or Morgan le Fey, I’d max Morgan Le Fey. She’s a solid mid-range nature hero and you will only regret maxing her about 20% of the time.

You really need to get Zimithka maxed. She’s a ton better than she looks to be and you really get to appreciate her if you are keeping a close eye on the game mechanic effects.


What makes locke lackluster?

I never stated that she was lackluster. I just said that she’s good not great. There are some heroes that are “no brainers” to ascend. She’s not one of them. Just because she’s not great overall does not mean that she’s not a good hero to ascend.

I wanted lady locke for so long, but never got her.

As far as I know:
Lady locke was much better in the past.
In the current verion of the game there is so much debuff dispelling abilities, oneshotters and grave makers (his dot is more effective on green summons with less max hp).

Amazing sorcerer, and surely better of 90% training camps heroes.

Go for her.


Yeah, I think that play style may be the difference. I don’t heavily stack, and most of my kills are via specials not tiles, or if tiles then heavily assisted by D down specials. If you heavily stack she may be good for offense.

I would want D down, elemental d down and attack buffers high on my list for titans. Yes, you want a high attack as well, but the IMO the others are more critical.

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But the others are pretty much non existent in green other than evelyn, buddy, and tarlak

You dont take 3 greens to a blue titan fight?

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Greg (crit), Eve (Elemental D Down), Athena (D Down), Kiril (attack buf), Lianna

You could swap Locke in for lianna - and as I said initially locke is not bad in that role. But given the way I play I would do Lianna (or Eve or Greg) over her as being more generally versatile. But I can see based on play style why someone would make a different choice. For me she is just good, not very good or great.

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