🏴‍☠ Lady Locke – 5* Nature/Green from Pirates of Corellia

As a dot fanatic, the dot alone sold me. Trying to get her for ages but just couldn’t. And really the only hero worth chasing in the Corella portal for me

Just pulled her on my 2nd challenge coins dump, it’ll be a loooooong time before I can ascend her as I recently acquired enough tonics for Hiemdall. I have enough greens to run a decent green mono team otherwise not thrilled, but feel lucky and happy to have her.
Blue 5*s have been avoiding me, but i don’t like running rainbow anyway. It’ll be nice to eventually work her into my main attack, as I no longer have a cleanser on my main. (Only been playing like 14 months)

I’d love to have her. Green cleanse? Yes, please.

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Pulled her with my second set of coins . I have 13 tonics and 30 shields to max Mother North, Bertila and her! Do excited

Blew 30 pulls just for her where I should have been saving for costumes…one day, one day this DOT queen will be mine

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