Ladder Contest or endless wave mode

Hey Guys, i agree with most of the development ocurring in the game, but i badly miss an opportunity to contest my top Team with that of other players outside of pvp.

I would love to play something similar to the Christmas- or Easter event, but

  • without difficulty limit
  • always present
  • with periodically (e.g.monthly) reset for rewards
  • endless waves with improving difficulty every wave and a international leaderboard
  • maybe a mode with item- or team restrictions.

This Idea is inspired by the ingame events which i’m really loving, and some other PC games … i think Names are forbidden here… the prime Evils would kill me with a blissard if i would mention one! :wink:

I would be very happy if that idea would come to consideration!!

Respectful greetings,

Love that idea. Great for testing formations.


Thank You, I hope development team likes it too! ^^

this is a really good Idea! “wish you Luck Hero”

But what about the loot in an endless mode? I would suggest following:

  • get a reward for every wave you clear
  • when you make a new highscore get some extra loot
  • personal- Alliance- and International Leaderboard
  • there can be events… maybe facing the monthly Bosses after every 5 Waves
  • no autoplay mode…
    -… many more possibilities, but its your thread! ^^

So, i would be happy to see this … or similar improvement in the game soon! ^^

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Just don’t expect the loot to be very exciting until level 500 or so :joy:

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Ich finde diese Idee sehr gut und eine Kombination aus dieser Idee mit dem Kommentar zu den Belohnungen fände ich gut. Wäre interessant dies Mal zu testen :wink:

Omg was für Tippfehler =_= ich meinte Belohnungen und die zu testen wäre bestimmt interessant ^^"

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