Lack of world energy?

I am level 59, so I have a total of 46 world energy. Even so, lately I am specially feeling a lack on the world energy I have at my disposition. Well, to be honest I always felt like wanting more and more energy, but now, with all the events that we have I feel blocked.
Is something unthinkable to increase the world energy? Correct me if I am wrong but at least for the past 2 years no changes were added on this aspect even if a lot of different events and levels were added.
What do you think? Do you feel the same way or is it just me spending too much time on this game? :rofl:

With the WE as it is, I’m able to…

  1. Fill every monster chest from 8-7 (48 energy per day)

  2. Complete every quest (common, uncommon, rare, special) – though I choose to skip some during Atlantis Rises and the monthly Challenge Event

  3. Complete stages in season 3 such that I finish both normal and hard before the next batch is released

  4. Complete most PoV needs – I choose to skip some as a waste of energy since we don’t have to do everything to finish PoV

  5. Make progress on the season 3 missions

I don’t use any flasks to accomplish this. Until that changes, I think WE supply is fine.

If SG increased the rate we get WE, they’d lose money on people buying refills.

I don’t see an issue with we either to be honest I can do all the things I need to do daily and not worry I even have 82 flasks saved through no use of them

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Could you please share some of them with other players? :angel:

I’m using 30+ flasks every single Atlantis Rises. If I’m not mistaken, for the past 6 months, I always level up when Atlantis Rises is live.

I feel the same. There is more and more events and quests to fulfil and so with have less and less EW to farm materials we need mostly for potions.

Therefore you need to compensate during AR by hard-core farming… that’s really not enjoyable :confused:


Fyi, not everyone has a high lvl, example newer Players…so u may consider that more events and Stuff going on, not everyone can keep up in “1 Charge”. Chests based on 8-7 takes 24 Energy, my limit is 31, so basically 1 stage for some events left.

I dont feel im in need, but i can rarely Progress in the Map S2 20-x, maybe every 2-3 days 1-3 attempts/stages.

Just sayin


The player asking the question is only a few levels behind me. I was replying to that person.

Newer players are not capable of completing all of the quests, so that reduces their energy needs. You don’t have to fill the entire chest from 8-7. You can do 6 runs there and then use energy to make other progress while completing your monster chest.

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I’m at 65 and have 49 WE and can do all the events without using flasks. One just needs to be patient for the WE to fill instead of flasking to quickly finish events. I tend to time it so that I’ll have full WE to fill up my monster chest and use the events to fill. I keep an eye on how many monsters I need and if necessary, farm 7-4 to quickly fill it up (around 15 monsters per run I think, at any case it takes one less attack to fill the chest than 8-7, so you save 3 WE).

I don’t burn flasks for AR, so I’ve got a collection of over 100 flasks. One of the things to keep in mind is that flasks are worth more at higher levels (more WE), so when you’re burning them at lower levels (say 20 or 30), you end up shortchanging yourself in the long-run.

The only time I burn flasks is for time constraints, i.e. complete S3 stages before the summoning portal closes and I need a few more coins for summoning, but then take my time after that.

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Level 76 with 55 WE. There seem to be more and more events, but my WE stays the same…

I wish the Battle Items II without the raid flask would have a WE flask for reward.

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No kidding, that or titan flask is a lot more useful than a raid flask.

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The Sand Empire seasonal event, Knights of Avalon challenge event, and Trials of Piety emblems quest all end at the same time! :exploding_head:

I’m glad that the WE cost for challenge events have been reduced. However, I really dislike the overlap with Trials - I can no longer complete the Trials after the challenge event has ended. Not to mention the disadvantage of the new ending time for many players…

I have good management, but lately i feel too the weight of multiple events, and i have 55 WE myself.

I ended the Sand Event two days before it expire.
I always try to “smart play” my energies, so i usually try to fill all my chests ASAP, don’t use any flask, do all PoV quests, fill elemental and rare quest.

So if i stop to “smart play”, i could easily do all the things without problems, but it would mean delay various rewards, and that’s not how it suppose to be for me.

The game suppose to let you play smartely, if you are not in a rush.

So yes, i think something should change.

I am level 68. 51 WE max. Done SandEmpire during its first week. Finished all stages and tiers in Avalon yesterday. No costume quests, rare quests, some precious uncommon quests, gems quests are skipped. WE flasks are used primarily during Atlantis. I only need approx 150 kills of Clarissa-look-alike to complete my S3 avatars in my Missions. I try not to waste possible WE regen by not letting them sit idly by for several minutes, except during sleep time. So, no. I don’t feel a lack of world energy.

Lvl 63 here, 48 WE, can’t say I feel any pressure due to WE shortage. Empire done in week one, Camelot done in day two. SIII maps up to date on normal, I’ll only do hard mode once all maps are available in order to amass some coins for when all heroes will be available. I fill the monster chests in 8.7 usually, do all rare, class and tavern quests all the gem quests some advanced ones too, the one with the raid flask and the one with the troop token, whenever available. I also farm away the available WE before signing out, most times. Can’t say I understand how some of us are able to farm 15, 20, 30 flasks, during Atlantis. Autofarming has it’s limitations on hard mode high WE cost maps, and manualy doing it it’s just too booooring for me… loot tickets are a rare sight these days… so, I do use two, maybe three flasks in Atlantis, but that’s it. I also autofarm rare 3 on events for xp, but that’s 1 WE / turn… so, mostly no flasks there… I never tried compeating in events, maybe I’d use flasks if I did, but that’s not my thing… I have 76 WE flasks at this point. I just wish raid flasks were more common… I’m always short on them… titan flasks are out of the question… they are as rare as 4* AM’s… bottom line, no, no lack of WE here…z

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Cool strategy :sunglasses:

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You know what? I believe it’s not a lack of WE, since we slowly get more WE as we level up.

It’s the game getting more busy. Maybe too busy for me. I definitely wouldn’t want to start from level 1 today.

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