Lack of sorcerer HOTMs?

What’s gives with the lack of this class?
Is it on purpose or just a coincidence?
My only 5* sourcerer is Quintus and haven’t touched him yet, Mitsy and Ursena continue to elude me…
So my 1500 emblems are collecting dust.

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You can give me some , my ursena, mitsuko and almur will thank you very much ! I lack of sorcerer emblems

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Could be worth it to emblem Almur in the meantime if you don’t have Evelyn.


What are you doing sitting on that gold mine? Bring your Sabina to +20 already. Yeeesh!

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This was easy for me. Since i do not habe Mitzy or Ursena, I go with Morgan. I :heart: her .

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Give it to quintus.

If someday u get another good sorcerer, simply reset the emblems

Most of my sorcerer emblems are with Mitsuko+19. Don’t see any good reason for getting the last node yet even if I am sitting on extra 425 emblems.

FWIW, so far, these are the HOTMs and their respective classes:


  • June - Hel (Wizard)
  • July - Athena (Ranger)
  • August - Ares (Paladin)
  • September - Musashi (Rogue)
  • October - Alberich (Druid)
  • November - Thoth-Amun (Sorcerer)
  • December - Perseus (Paladin)


  • January - Natalya (Sorcerer)
  • February - Zeline (Wizard)
  • March - Delilah (Fighter)
  • April - Aeron (Monk)
  • May - Alasie (Ranger)
  • June - Gravemaker (Barbarian)
  • July - Gregorion (Ranger)
  • August - Drake Fong (Monk)
  • September - Khiona (Rogue)
  • October - Aegir (Paladin)
  • November - Zimkitha (Druid)
  • December - Evelyn (Ranger)


  • January - Onatel (Wizard)
  • February - Kunchen (Cleric)
  • March - Frida (Paladin)
  • April - Anzogh (Wizard)
  • May - Margaret (Rogue)
  • June - Ranvir (Druid)
  • July - Seshat (Ranger)
  • August - Miki (Barbarian)
  • September - Grazul (Cleric)
  • October - Kingston (Fighter)
  • November - Neith (Ranger)
  • December - Grimble (Cleric)


  • January - Vela (Druid)
  • February - Jean-Francois (Wizard)
  • March - Telluria (Paladin)
  • April - Malosi (Barbarian)
  • May - Clarissa (Paladin)
  • June - Raffaele (Monk)
  • July - Noor (Druid)
  • August - Zocc (Rogue)
  • September - Bai Yeong (Ranger)

Excellent recap here. So there are only 2: Thoth who is almost universally looked upon as garbage (I would use every 4* emblemed hero I have over him), and Natalya. I have seen some rate her very poorly, but with talents and a mana troop she can be invaluable in the race against Telluria teams.

The game is full of imbalance.


One of the new Halloween heroes (Varda) is a sorcerer.

Yes, but that’s not a HOTM with an elemental link.


I agree, I’m in the same situation. I have thoth and quintus. Sitting on 1500 with a sabina at +15 that I only use for 1 of the trials. Dont have Ursena or Mitsuko or Locke.

Another opportunity to pull a decent usable sorc would be nice.

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All you guys sitting on sorcerer emblems…put them on a 4* hero or even a 3* hero now. Reset emblems are so plentiful it’s crazy!! Benefit NOW in the tourneys with that boosted sorcerer(s).


I agree, there needs to be a sorcerer hotm.

By my count Fighter is equally unrepresented (Delilah + Kingston).

Which I have neither of them.

I suppose I could.

Though a bit off topic, I have Natalya and she is absolutely wonderful! Though she is only good in attack teams, I wouldn’t put her on defense at all.

For me, she is doing around 1,100 nondispellable DoT to green heroes.

I use Grazul and Natalya together and they are my ultimate anti-Telly offense team


go use lady of the lake. she is awesome


Considered it, already have dual tellys and Evelyn’s for 2 war lines which is more than enough heals.

Have a MN and Tarlak maxed I dont use. Also have Rataskr so I’m covered that way.