Lack of hero and troop drops since 15.1


I updated to 15.1 yesterday and I’ve noticed a lack of hero and troop drops. Most map zones are giving me neither when before I almost always got 1-2 heroes and often a troop. I haven’t noticed a troop drop at all since the update. I wasn’t watching completely at first so it is possible that a few dropped. I am at 0 troops today and will keep watching. It is very possible that RNG Gods are having fun with me.


Then you were quite lucky. The ratio I experience is about 1/3rd of the time I get a hero and even less I get a troop.


I’ve noticed this too. I would usually get 1-2 heroes every 2-3 rounds of 8.7 farming but today I use all my World Energy farming and got 2 in total. Not sure if it is RNG or they decrease rate drops again.


Looks like, chances of getting loot and/or drop was dramatically decreased. “Want to play? Go and pay”. That’s new slogan for this game.


I have noticed that I’m getting low in adventurer’s kits. But I am not sure if I have been getting less or using more


Suspect it’s RNG.

I was running 8-7 yesterday morning (7/6) after patching the night before

9 runs
4 heros
1 troop
4 kits
3 swords
2 training manual
3 grimoire dust
1 meteor fragment

(only tracked the 3 common loots I need and anything 3* and above, bunch of other random stuff dropped ofc)

I didn’t track it zealously previously in 1.5 but the kit drop rate is about the same as I was around 50% or slightly less over dozens of runs. Small sample size so doesn’t mean much admittedly in either direction and food farming efficiency now reigns supreme for me so not certain I’ll be getting back to 8-7 until I clear out a backlog of fodder to really see.


This is anecdotal but my drops seem roughly the same.

That being said, the has been a lot of grumbling in my clan about how stingy the game has become. Not having been here long, I can’t see the difference, but they have not so nice things to say about drops in general.


Talisax, have you changed your farming area lately? I found I was getting low on adventurer’s kits and wooden swords when I started farming 13-6 instead of 9-1. In general, the lower areas seemed to generate more of those for me.


Same area 13.6. I have gotten 1 troop since yesterday’s post. I typically had gotten a few a day. Unfortunately I have no hard data


I have not noticed a change in the troop or hero drops sense the 1.5.1 update. I hope your luck returns and the RNG is nicer to you. :grinning:


I get more hero and troops when my houses are full


I dropped from 8-7 to 5-1 for Adventurer’s Kits; it has plenty of kits, but not as many wooden swords.


Same here I noticed a chance troops aren’t dropping like they use to.


What was your rate previously and were you recording your runs?

Currently 13 troops out of 68 runs.